In “Girls” has collected the Chinese photography artist Luo Yang portrait shots of young Chinese women. The 85 photos switch between carefully thought-out compositions and a spontaneous snap-shot Aesthetic. The 33-Year-old from the Liaoning province in northeast China was knighted by artist Ai Weiwei as one of the emerging photography talents in China. Her photographs were in 2013 part of the Ai Weiwei curated the exhibition “FUCK OFF 2” in the Dutch Groninger Museum. Numerous Exhibition participations in Asia as well as Solo-exhibitions in Berlin and Hong Kong, made them internationally known.

photo book “Girls” shows the young Chinese lives and works in Beijing. For “Girls” photographed young Chinese women from a “in the West, yet hardly perceived” subculture, as it says in the description of the book. They have in common is the search for orientation and self-discovery in a culture clash”, in which turbo-capitalism, globalization, and traditional lifestyles”.

“Girls,” appears as a 168-page photo book in Hardcover in the publisher Edition Lammerhuber, and is available for 49,90 Euro.


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