the women on the Internet and on Dating Apps, get this spell to hear often: “Send Nudes”, in German: “Send naked pictures”. (In most cases, this is still the most harmless message.) What can be Sexting each other very attractive, in civilized conversations quickly to the absolute No-Go. No woman sent out of the blue naked pictures of myself to strangers. Nevertheless – or just therefore – widely used the Hashtag #sendnudes fast as a Running Gag in the network.

the title of The new image band “#SENDNUDES” plays with the grubby Image of the sent Nude pictures and for slight confusion. Because private Sexting images, you will not find it. It is a book full of photos of naked women, but these are professionally produced and carefully curated by Director and creative Director of Iman Whitfield. Together with the Team of the Mendo-publishing company, they asked photographers from all over the world your favorite naked pictures.

“#SENDNUDES” kissed nudity remove the taboos from the picture book “Chasing Dreams” From the sun: This Nude photography makes it feel like summer

Whitfield wants to remove the taboos from the image band of the nudity. “I grew up with it, the naked body is an art and not as something purely sexual,” she writes in the Preface. The photos of the women depicted exude for you a feeling of well-being, as if they were private at home. At the same time they are also strong and sexy. “I think that’s exactly the idea of naked pictures,” she writes, and tells of their own experiences with the Sending of such pictures: “And although I knew there were risks, was my only concern, whether I look good.” You want to encourage a new sense of the body. No one should be allowed to work for his naked body, and show him to be ashamed of – without censorship.

The photos in “#SENDNUDES” are of very high quality, and yet they radiate a lightness, as if the images were created spontaneously at home. If you can contribute with a Band full of perfect bodies to a positive body image for people of all shapes and sizes, is a different question. A contribution to the removal of taboos about the naked body can make the image band. And beautiful he is.

The picture book “#SENDNUDES” is available for 50 Euro at teNeues.



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