via Twitter, popular sports photo has caused in Australia, a wave of sexist comments. The TV channel 7AFL posted and in the meantime the offline captured image shows the 21-year-old Australian-Rules-Football-player Tayla Harris when you shoot the ball in the game of your club Carlton FC against the Western Bulldogs last weekend.

So far, So good – you might think. However, a variety of male Twitter users took the image of the occasion to Express themselves in sexist ways on the young Athlete. That was, ultimately, to the extent that the TV channels put out the Posting and then hostility towards saw, the Internett so to beat. Later, the channel apologized and published the photo again with a Statement.

world footballer award, sexism-scandal at the Ballon d’or: Moderator insulted laureate Ada Hegerberg DPA Tayla Harris is offended by the comments, sexually assaulted

“The comments I’ve seen were disgusting, and have made sure that I felt very uncomfortable,” said Harris in the “Breakfast Club” of the radio station RSN. “This is what I refer to as sexual abuse in social media”, led the 21.Year, which demanded that the police should take the matter up. Even if you know that you should not read such comments actually, it was not hard to do this.

“I want to give the trolls food, but when I look at their profiles, they have children and daughters, then it Worries me.” And further: “If these people say on public platforms, what they say behind closed doors. This is the beginning of violence in the family,” says Harris.

Harris, of positive reactions, “overwhelmed”

the picture was posted on her Instagram channel, and wrote: “My thigh is fine, but derogatory and sexist comments are not.”

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My hamstring is ok but derogatory and sexist comments aren’t.

A post shared by Tayla ⚡ Levi Harris (@tayla_harris) on Mar 19, 2019 at 2:25am PDT

jumped her in the comments, including not only a lot of Fans to the page, and several team mates and Australian athletes from other sports showed solidarity with Harris. She was overwhelmed by the many positive reactions, – said the Athlete.

Gillon McLachlan, CEO of the Australian Football League, described the on the Internet comments that have been made against the news portal “” as “unacceptable”. At the same time McLachlan acknowledged that there is in the Australian Rules Football”, negativity in many areas of the game and the community”. The clearer he made it clear that the inclusion of Harris “was a great photo of a great Athlete”.

opinion “In the case of Bayern Munich plays no woman in the Team,” Sexist TV commentary during Darts world championship: the end of a long chain of “Wrong message”: the Sender apologizes for deletion of photo

The TV station AFL7 who posted the photo first, in view of the escalating comments shortly afterwards, however, was deleted, was criticized in the network are keen for the measure. And responded. Already last Tuesday, the leaders published the image again and wrote: “sorry. To delete the photo, sent the wrong message”, said on Twitter. “Many of the comments were reprehensible,” the station that is promised to work in the future, “harder, trolls to banish them from our side”.

The publication of the photos have aimed to show the “incredible athleticism of Tayla Harris and we will be celebrating women’s Football continue to be” led of the transmitter.

sources: Radio RSN Breakfast Club / “” / Twitter / Instagram.



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