The new defensive specialists of the FC Bayern, Lucas Hernandez, and Benjamin Pavard, are young (both 23 years), but they come out as the champion of the world after Munich and as a costly investment in the future. The Bayern flipped for the two professionals a total of 115 million euros on the table (for Hernandez 80 and Pavard 35 million). You are heating up the competition in the Bayern Defensive solid. The question is: How will react the other two world Champions in Bayern’s defence, Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng, to the fact? Will you take the competition, or prefer to withdraw? Only one thing is for sure: He is uncomfortable Year for the two 30-in.

Hernandez and Parvard formed at winning the world Cup, the outer defense of the Equipe Tricolore, in your clubs you play mainly in defence. For FC Bayern, it is a great advantage, that they are so flexible. Pavard could play at Bayern and on the right track. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the set Joshua Kimmich switches to the defensive midfield in the national team. That would be a viable solution, because Bayern would then have to in the defensive midfield, not necessarily reinforce.

Alaba retains his place when he is fit

For Hernandez this Option applies only to a limited extent. It is also likely to be hard for him to displace David Alaba on the left, if fit. However, Alaba injury prone and Hernandez will get his stakes on the left of the outside. But one must assume that Hernandez is more often used indoor, where Niklas Süle, Mats Hummels and Boateng romp – yet.

BSC Hastedt in Bremen 80 million Euro transfer fee: The funniest Tweet to Hernández-Transfer comes from Amateur club

Niklas Süle is set under coach Niko Kovac, mostly Hummels runs at his side, with Boateng so far, only in exceptional cases. He plays hardly a role, but has been degraded to the level of a replacement player for Boateng this is not to accept. Therefore, you should expect at Bayern, and that Boateng looks in the summer a new club. He should have a good chance to find another top club, if he stays fit. Finally, it is not excluded in the case of him that he finds back to his old class.

Hummels wants to competitive battle to accept

For Hummels because the situation is different. He seems to want to stay in Munich, and the competition to accept. The “Sport-Bild” he said prior to the obligation of Hernandez: “I am of the opinion that I must not have many competitors in my Position of fear.” He said, however: “at some point, it will turn out, what the parties have in mind.”

nothing is decided Yet. The Bavarians have taken a lot of money in the Hand. Perhaps a four series from Kimmich, Pavard, Hernandez and Alaba established Yes – this is a variant.

Currently injured Hernandez. His time at Bayern will begin a rehab after a knee operation (medial ligament damage, is it). If it runs well, is Hernandez to the start of the season after the summer break in mid-August. Until then, there are still four and a half months. This is in the football a hell of a long time.


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