Cologne – The German handball players have managed. They have reached the semi-finals of the Handball world championship 2019 in their own country by a victory against Croatia. However, the decisions of the referees were not at the end of the game entirely uncontroversial. The Trainer of Croats echauffierte after the Match. “The referees have not done their Job well today,” said the 68-Year-old: “Our Team had the same chances as Germany. This is the third world Cup that we were to have our Chance to be cheated.”

Andreas Wolff waited in the ZDF Interview, while his Croatian team-mate from THW Kiel, Domagoj Duvnjak, has been interviewed by the TV channels. The Journalist hooked up several times when Duvnjak and wanted to Know if he found the decisions of the referees bad. Duvnjak did not want to answer it. All heard Wolff, as he was for answers. On the first question, the ZDF-man, if Duvnjak is not comfort, it took the goalkeeper a party for his club-mate and criticised the ZDF sharp.

Andreas Wolff criticised the ZDF

“The bad luck. You with 4:0 points complete the first round. And then he – I’ve heard the in – ear-so-stupid questions like that. There is nothing worse for an athlete, to lose after such a good starting position, so unhappy. And then babble on about him, even to the jaw. Then the Frustration turns”, the German goalkeeper, and continues: “I can understand it.”

“last year We had a Situation similar to that against Croatia a few goals have been wanting to the semi-finals to collect. He is such a good guy, he lives this Sport. For him, I’m terribly sorry,“ said Wolff. Actually a great action of the final man, who takes care of himself with such great success, such as Reaching the semi-finals, yet the defeated opponent, and for him to stand.

The full Interview with Andreas Wolff you can see here:



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