The use of contract workers in the branches of the drugstore chain Rossmann, legal rules may have been broken. This suspicion resulted in joint research by the magazine stern and the ARD policy magazine “Report Mainz”. Rossmann uses for granting to work in its stores, thousands of employees of Sub-contractors on the Basis of work contracts. Internal company documents, film footage from Rossmann stores, and statements of employees and suggests the suspicion, that employees of Sub-contractors and Rossmann-root employees work in the branches close together, as this is in accordance with the rules for such contracts are permissible.

When the MOT comes, adhering to all the rules of the drugstore chain Rossmann, due to poor working conditions in the criticism

Rossmann and rejected such allegations so far, with reference to passed Inspections by Tüv Rheinland. After an internal training of of Tempus by spring of 2016, the subcontractor changed its work processes, however, apparently specifically if the Tüv inspector will appear in the Rossmann stores. The Einräumer to note “during the audit,” special “special features” and shelves with Rossmann-staff grant. “The exercise of the same activity” by employees of the drugstore chain and its Sub-contractors “at the same time is an indication of ‘hidden supply of temporary workers and endangering the work contract,” admonished the team leader.

no Tüv-auditor in the house, it is, however, perfectly normal, and that the factory workers give the shelves the same time as Rossmann-employees, confirmed of the star. The same image showed up on film recordings of Rossmann stores in different German cities, the “Report Mainz” is available.

expert sees “serious suspicions” rejected the allegations. It would be changed to “no procedures” if the TUV comes in. If Promota.EN-employee time and people giving the same Rossmann -, then it is going to be different. as Rossmann rejected the suspicion of illegal supply of temporary workers to be decided.

in the light of the research of stern and “Report Mainz,” there is “serious suspicion, the illegal supply of temporary workers”, stated Peter fanning, Professor of labour law at the University of Münster. Stoke, expressed the view that the authorities should be active for the fight of sham contracts for work responsible: “This is a case for the customs.”


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