As it is not passed this week – again in Stuttgart, Germany. But in fact, the Federal government convenes a court of the AfD arbitration on Saturday and Sunday in a conference room in the state capital. And again, the question is, how much the right wing in the party.

Exclusive Board of Directors-Saar star Research, evidenced by proximity to land-the chief of the AfD to neo-Nazis By Wigbert Löer

searches of the star revealed in March on the Basis of Emails and WhatsApp messages that the leaders of the AfD-landesverband Saar held extensive contacts with rights activists from the NPD, and your environment. The AfD Federal Executive had resolved the national Association complete, “due to serious violations of the political objectives and the internal organization of the party”. A spokesman said at the time: “After an Investigative had tweeted magazine solid evidence, with a number of operations in the country, the Association is now a revaluation.”

The Saar-Chairman, Josef Dörr and Lutz Hecker, called, however, the Federal arbitration court, which suspended the resolution temporarily. Dörr and Hecker want to move in 2017 in the diet, you are already on safe list places. It is a battle for your future in the AfD, and the two lead him fiercely.

AfD sizes indicate the innocence from the Saar land

Much has been offered in the past few months, in the case of the Saar-AfD, the party, Richter will find a broad field. The contacts of the two country heads to the rights activist, Ulrike Reinhardt are documented. That Dörr and Hecker went on the right party of the FBU members-fishing is also not to deny. But the two AfD-sizes the innocence from the Saar land: You didn’t know yet, with whom to sit together.

star of The brothel and the AfD Of Wigbert Löer

exclusive scandal-landesverband Saar This to contradictions, which the court has to deal with now. The Dörr appointed attorney wrote to the judges, Dörr have visited rights activist Reinhardt in Kaiserslautern, Germany, to learn about the “technical necessities” for a Demonstration. Dörr even listed in a document that he submitted his travel expenses at the party, as the reason for his journey: “kaisersl. member.acquisition.” Members advertising in the case of a rights activist in Kaiserslautern does not match really with the organization, ask for a Demo.

The judge at the Federal arbitration court of the AfD were vexed last about x-subject used E-Mail addresses in the register of Members of the Saar-AfD. That a number of members were only accessible via the address of the country, its Chairman, and two of his Confidants, is not found acceptable. Now the court can also reach a number of disputes of elections in which Dörr and his Confidants were in Offices.

Multiple choice challenge was chosen in the System Josef Dörr

as early as 2015, as the Dörr to the country Manager, the Federal arbitration court of a legal challenge of the electoral process, including intimidation of members during the election process. The challenge got a filing draw, after the star information, however, until now, not been dealt with. The party judges were at that time other than today.

star exclusive scandal-Landesverband Saar AfD courage to the untruth Of Wigbert Löer

Also, the recent Congress of the Saar-AfD from last Sunday has already been challenged – what is less controversial: Here, the country was Association, the country list for the parliamentary election in 2017. The delegate numbers had incorrectly been calculated, complained a member of the party in Writing to the Federal arbitration court. The regional Association Saarbrücken-the city, the Dörrs Confidant and spokesman Rudolf Müller Chairman have a lot to get to many of the delegates.

Financial irregularities, tussles in the Public, including a district Chairman who rents his apartment to a prostitute – all of which makes the Saar-AfD. At the top sits the 77-year-old Josef Dörr, a retired teacher, the family members and Familiar you are close to gagging. System – “family and friends” said Frauke Petry, with a view to making the model of Dörr. For the Head of the Federal party, it would be a defeat, if Dörr is likely to continue.

The country chief, and his country’s Board loaded for the trial in Stuttgart, three witnesses, a woman of Dörrs speaker. The Federal Executive has far ordered more witnesses. The topic is complex, but the Offense also, so it could take on the weekend. At least the events in Stuttgart are not likely to roll over, unlike at the beginning of this week.


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