Germany experienced the warmest year since the beginning of regular weather records more than 130 years ago. From January to October, the average temperature was 11.6 degrees, reported the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach. The long-time average is 9.4 degrees. This year, the value has been exceeded so far, so 2.2 degrees.

As the statistics shows, so far, almost all of the months over the long-term average values. The highest deviations were in January, April, and may. Colder it was in February and in March.

the statistics of the weather service shows that the distance to the other recorded years is between April and the end of October, most pronounced: Here, the deviation from the long-term average is more than three degrees.

the November has been very mild and dry. Much needed heavy rain in the coming days in view. “In the course of the next week, the characters are still rather on the high-pressure influence, so the quiet, but non-spectacular weather likely to continue, and the drought re-intensified,” said DWD meteorologist Simon Trippler.

The area-wide measurements of in Germany, began in 1881. Already in 2007 and then in 2014, the average temperature was reached in the first ten months, a record value that has now been surpassed again.

in Addition, 2018 is the fourth-driest year since records began. Alone in October reached according to the DWD “only about half of its precipitation the heck”. The experts of the weather service have spoken of a worsening of the ongoing extreme drought.


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