The Ambassador of France in Ukraine told about the failed isolation of Russia

Photo credit: TASS/Zuma

the Strategy of isolation of Russia gave Europe the expected results, said the Ambassador of France in Ukraine, Etienne de Poncin.

He has described Russia as a major partner with military force and economic power. “So to put Russia in a corner, as a student in the classroom, does not make sense. Need to conduct a dialogue with it”, – quotes its RIA Novosti.

the Diplomat said that attempts to isolate Russia led to the decrease in the efficiency of negotiations in the “Norman format.” He also said that the President of France Emmanuel macron put before the diplomats the task is to reestablish contact with Moscow to revive the format of the talks.

the Summit “channel four”, held in December last year, was the first in three years. It was attended by Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel macron and Vladimir Zelensky.

Putin said the talks in the “Normandy format”. In particular, the Russian President called the very useful work of leaders “channel four” on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine.

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