The Horrortat from Frankfurt Central station to echoes further: It is horror, compassion, sorrow, bewilderment.

Not only for the approximately 400 people who have gathered in the evening at the train station in the metropolis to commemorate the dead eight-year-old grieve, presumably from a 40-Year-old in front of a run-in ends of the ICE was pushed. Also in the social networks the user search for words, to make the Incomprehensible comprehensible, in order not to be alone with your feelings.

contribution to the murder in Frankfurt, a thousand times, divided

One of the victims, the Mainz publisher Karin Schmid-Friderichs is. You stand according to their own information in the vicinity, “two tracks away,” when the Madness happened and describes, in a touching Facebook Post your experiences and thoughts. The post was shared until Wednesday at noon by around 10,000 times, and almost 3000 times an “unimaginable” response, so the 59-year-old Chairman of the Board of the börsenverein of the German book trade commented on.

the mayor at the vigil: “This act is against everything speaks, what we stand for in Frankfurt”

Schmid-Friderichs, the reader takes in the huge hall of the Frankfurt’s main railway station on Monday morning, shortly before ten: “The terrible screaming sounds. And to take the experience of strangers firmly into the Arm, because you show visually shock reactions.”

she draws a picture of – with a few exceptions, of the great solidarity among the visitors to the station: “I have seen ( … ) that people open their bags, clean clothes on the floor, so people distraught can put your feet up.”

Schmid-Friderichs describes how well our society works, despite all the baiting and all of the hatred, apparently, and holds it together: “In less than five minutes, more than fifty volunteers, medics, police officers were on the Track. Travelers helped each other.” It describes a positive character in the moments most difficult of human suffering: “We should not forget (…) that today in Frankfurt strangers to each other, in the poor layers, and to each other wept, and trembled (…).”

And for those words that want to beat out the horrendous crimes of political capital. The advantage of the fact to sow their hatred of minorities. “The truth is complex. And more and more complex as the rights you idiots pay attention now and run with it.”

Deadly attack in Frankfurt, New Details about the suspects – Seehofer demanded a greater police presence at train stations, REUTERS

The fact and its consequences will be dealing with the publisher a long time: “I hear the cry, and wish I could forget him.”

in the end, the hope remains Schmidt-Friderichs: “I’m not a believer, but now before going to Sleep I will pray. For the woman who lost ten feet away from me, your child. And I’m going to ask that the fact that the Idiot was the fact, Eritreans, and do not poison the climate in Germany …”

The Facebook Post from Karin Schmidt-Friderichs:

the Suspected murderer from Frankfurt to recently have a neighbor threatened

Karin Schmidt-Friederichs speaks with your words, many people from the heart, and the reactions show. “Thank you for these words” – a hundred-fold, thousand-fold, you show as or similar to your compassion in the comments, your consent to the moving words of the publisher.

“If something Bad happens, it shows the grimacing, the real character. Good trains people to be better, bad worse”, writes Karin Schmid-Friderichs. And: “I feel, however, that the Good was today at the Frankfurt train station a little better.”

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