Despite the clear refusal of foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) to a U.S.-led military mission, the debate on the deployment of the Bundeswehr in the Strait of Hormuz continues.

The CDU foreign policy expert Norbert Röttgen, advertises for an independent European use of German and French participation in the protection of merchant ships in the strategically important Strait – parallel to the American Operation “Sentinel” (guard).

“The reasons for having a European Mission on the Gulf remain in place, even if great Britain should decide for a Mission with the United States,” said the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, the German press Agency. “It’s about European interests and not UK-specific. A European Mission should be by a group of European States formed to include France and Germany.”

Maas had teed off on Wednesday on behalf of the Federal government in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump’s support in securing the ship traffic through the Strait. Whether the government will seek to build a European Mission, he said.

The Green foreign policy expert Omid Nouripour told the German press Agency: “An EU Mission can only contribute to de-escalation, if you prevented a direct confrontation between the United States and Iran.”

The United States is trying since weeks to get broad support for its military mission for protecting trade ships against Iranian attacks in the Persian Gulf. The UK is discussing with the United States, as a common approach could look like. Under the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the British in the matter of Hormuz have beaten the Mission on the side of the United States, after the now detached former foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, had initially advocated a European Mission.

Maas founded the German rejection that the German government considers the U.S. strategy of “maximum pressure” on Iran is wrong. Germany did not want a military escalation, and continued to diplomacy. The question of whether he was in favour of a parallel European Mission, did not reply to Maas.

The Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer had stressed on Wednesday, a maritime protection mission of European States think the Federal government is, in principle, “still worth considering”. Several Union politicians argued for.

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