The average rate on mortgages fell to historic lows

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

the Weighted average rate on mortgage loans fell to a historic low of 9%, according to the website “Arguments and facts” with reference to statistics of the Bank of Russia.

Just last year, individuals took 1.27 million mortgage loans. It is 13.7% lower than a year earlier.

In December 2019 on the mortgage loans had a quarter of the amount of money borrowed by individuals.

For the month have been issued more than 145 thousand mortgage loans totaling 345,1 billion. It’s almost a quarter more than the previous month.

the Total debt of Russians on MHL at the moment is about 7.7 trillion rubles, of delay since the beginning of this year was 72,555 billion.

Analysts predict that the primary housing in 2024 will grow by 10%, secondary – 6%. In new buildings, where apartments are bought well, growth could reach 15%.

the Cost of housing will increase because of the transition into the escrow account, reducing the volume of supply and mortgage rates.

At the end of 2019, it was reported that the Bank of Russia intends to toughen mortgage rules for banks to deprive them of incentive to make loans to borrowers with a high debt load and low down payment.

the Regulator plans to introduce a new allowance for risk weights on mortgage loans. They will depend on increased debt load of the borrower and of the relation of the size of the principal debt to the market value of the collateral. According to experts, pdobnaya measures will increase the capital stock to cover losses in situations that can cause lower incomes and real estate prices.

According to the latest data, loans have 39.5 million people. Most of the clients of Russian banks have only one loan – cash loan or mortgage. The share of such borrowers of the total amount credited citizens gradually reduced.

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