Update from the 20. February 2019: you have to get the last two roses: Eva Benetatou and Jenny have made it to the Finale of “The Bachelor” in 2019. Surprisingly, Andrej Mangold candidate Vanessa has sent already before the final home. A radio station had reported Vanessa already as a Bachelor the winner. What message turns out now as a total is wrong.

Update from the 13. February 2019, 21.05 PM: Jade is gone before the night of the roses volunteer and grabbed then, about the everyday life in the girls Villa. Nathalia got from Andrey no Rose. Eva, Steffi, Vanessa and Jennifer get a home date.

18.00: Six candidates today’s episode of “The Bachelor” in 2019 are at the beginning still in the race. Four of them will visit Rosenkavalier Andrej Mangold at the home dates in the circle of your family and friends. At the end of the sequence of three candidate pull in at the next episode with the dream dates.

These candidates are on The Bachelor, 2019

Who’s out: This Bachelor’s candidates are no longer

a candidate


the origin





out in a row 1

Julia Jessica




out in a row 1



Makeup artist


out in a row 1





out in episode 2



a waitress & Model


out in episode 2





out in result 2





out in episode 2





out in episode 3



a service assistant


out in episode 3



Communication design


out in episode 4



a waitress


out in a row 5



pharmaceutical consultant


out in a row 5





out in a row 5




Dillingen a. d. Donau

out in episode 6

Claudia G.


flight attendant


out in part 6



flight attendant


out in episode 7



production workers

Halle (Westfalen)

out in episode 7





out in episode 7



accessory designer


out in part 8 (The semi-finals)

*rejected the Rose from

**left the Show voluntarily before the night of the roses

Six candidates are in episode 7 of the Bachelor’s degree in 2017 at the beginning or in the process

Update vom 23. January 2019: In the fourth episode two candidate had to pack inside the suitcase. Andrej decided to give Sina and Kimberley no Rose. For you The Bachelor “2019 is finished”. In consequence, from today, Wednesday, is equal to the beginning of a candidate is the last stop. Cecilia still needs to fly before the night of the roses home. Also, Ernestine and Christina are out. Especially Christina didn’t take the news well – she is disappointed Bachelor Andrei.

Update from the 16. January 2019: In the third episode of “The Bachelor” had to say good-bye Rosenkavalier Andrei of two candidates. The “night of the roses”, however, the delivery of all planned. While the Bachelor himself decides usually which candidates have a Chance of progressing in the show, him this Wednesday, two women of the decision. Both Nathalie as well as Luisa voluntarily left the Show. A Bachelor particular excerpt it was not so.

but jealousy and quarrels to the Bachelor, because a candidate is already in love. Maybe the first kiss drops soon? Or is about to be played? After all, the Ex-Bachelor-candidate Melanie Müller has been a lie: she was awarded during the filming of the Bachelor 2013.

Bachelor 2019: rates of shipment are strong

Update from the 11 fallen. January, 2019: After a good first episode, the rates have fallen for “The Bachelor”. The reasons for that you learn here.

Bachelor 2019: Five candidates are out – Two of them go voluntarily

Update from the 9. January 2019: five candidates are fewer, it after the second episode of “The Bachelor.” Three of them were unable to get a Rose from Bachelor Andrei: Mariya, Lara, and Claudia B. had to leave the Show. Nadine adopted from health reasons to volunteer – it has a kidney inflammation. Whether it is next week, is still to be determined. And the Surprise of the Evening: After the Bachelor’s Isabell had a discussion in the barriers, she refused the Rose of the bachelor badass. Read here why the Bachelor finds the Fig.

Bachelor 2019: First three candidates are out of

Update from the 2. January 2019: 20 candidates in 2019 began to conquer the heart of the bachelor. However, for three of the ladies of the Catfight to professional basketball and chewing gum and ended-businessman Andrej Mangold before he has properly begun. As for Jasmine, Julia, and Karin circuit with the carefree luxury is already after the first episode of life under the Mexican sun. All of them were blonde.

However, in week two of the 18 candidates in the Bachelor house, and court the favor of Andrej Mangold. Whether Isabell und Eva, with her towel-bitches have playful war, their chances for Bachelor’s Andrej Mangold? The mood is tense in the Bachelor’s Villa anyway. And with Nathalia, a further candidate is engaged, wants to make the remaining 17 women’s competition. In contrast to the pre-retired women, the native Brazilian is dark-haired.

“The Bachelor” 2019: The search for love goes back to los

In the new year, it is immediately hot again. Because from the 2. January 2019 (20.15 clock, RTL) fight back to 20 pretty ladies to their Bachelor’s degree. In the ninth season of the RTL-dome show “The Bachelor” in hopes of Andrej Mangold (31) to find the love of his life. The Bachelor 2019 is from Hanover and has been for almost a year, the Single. That should change starting next year.

“The Bachelor” 2019: when to fly the first candidate to get out?

Under the summer sun of Mexico, he will have the choice between 20 different, willing to flirt women. Actually, the dream of every man, but it is also a lot of work waits on the Bachelor. In addition to romantic excursions and individual dates Andrej may chard on bitch wars, and jealous dramas. And he has serious thoughts about his future. What a candidate he can trust, he can imagine a future together? Which of the candidates he needs to break into the “night of the roses”, the heart?

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A contribution split from The Bachelor (@bachelor.rtl) on Dec 17, 2018 11:56 PST

In the past year had to say goodbye on the first day in Miami ladies from “The Bachelor.” The Bachelor of 2018, Daniel Völz sent after just one day four candidates home. How many ladies need to start at the Bachelor 2019 to return immediately to the home, is not yet known – the broadcast dates. It is also clear that Andrej Mangold must also select on the first evening in Mexico. The Fans can look forward to an exciting decision, and the tragic departure of the first candidates. A taste of the first to get to Know you in our Bachelor’s Ticker.

“The Bachelor” 2019: Who can convince Andrej Mangold?

however, that at the end of the Bachelor in 2019, four of the Ladies get the Chance, the Bachelor’s friends and family present and to show him their home. Here will say goodbye to Andrej Mangold again. With the last of the three chosen ones, then it comes to the romantic dream dates. The last possibility of his potential Girlfriends, to convince him by all means. The Two finalists must then learn, for the first time his family and make a good impression.

Which of these ladies will probably conquer his heart?

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A contribution split from The Bachelor (@bachelor.rtl) on Dec 17, 2018 at 9:40 PM PST

From these 20 women will select certainly not easy for the Bachelor to 2019, as well as each of the women-all, in order to conquer him. Because the native of Hanover, with his mysterious green eyes and a toned body is not just good. He is a business man and Ex-Bayern Munich Basketball players. Only in matters of love, he had not so much success. Therefore, the Bachelor, Andrej Mangold is looking forward to his “journey in search of love”

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Andrej Mangold (@dregold) on Dec 16, 2018 at 2:00 PM PST

rumors around “The Bachelor” 2019: the winner about a long time ago?

photo in the survey: Arya Shirazi/MG RTL/dpa



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