The battle of Stalingrad: the main mistakes Hitler

History 22/03/20 the battle of Stalingrad: the main mistakes Hitler

the battle of Stalingrad lasted from July 1942 to February 1943 was the turning point in the war. Hitler fundamentally wanted to capture the city, so it was drawn two armies. But what is wrong Fuhrer and that was the cause of his end?

Ill-conceived plan of military action

In 1942 on the Eastern front the German army had two purposes. The main task was to take the city of Baku for its oil. Also needed to take control of Grozny and Maikop in the Caucasus, because there was a serious oil field. The second objective was the capture of Stalingrad, because he was closest to the front, and it was transported using the Caucasian petroleum.

At the end of the war, it became clear that this plan was fraught with many strategic mistakes. First, the task was to capture territory, not destroy the army of the Soviets. Second, both locations the Germans could not take at the same time, they would have had to get to each city with the battle.

Such tactical errors led to the fact that the Rate are unable to correctly predict the actions of the Wehrmacht in 1942. It was supposed that the Germans will once again hit Moscow and Leningrad. After all, it is offensive partly ensured their success at the initial stage of the war. And most of the reserves of the red army was also in the Central direction. For Chet, the Germans were able to quickly go to the great Caucasus range.

the closer the Wehrmacht were approaching the target, the more manifest all the flaws of the plan. Is bilateral coverage, the in the forehead Germans attacked Stalingrad and Grozny. As a result, they suffered heavy losses. At least the Germans and managed to oust the Soviet troops, but the success they have achieved.

a Frontal attack on the city

In those days, Stalingrad was more than 500 thousand people. But at least the Germans had taken and larger cities, but they always used workarounds maneuvers with a frontal attack. At the same time it was decided to simply massively to attack.

during the offensive on Kiev from 4 to 9 August 1941, the Germans also made a frontal attack, but to take the city failed. Heavy losses forced them to retreat and wait the tank group will go deep in the rear of the councils in South West direction.

a Similar scheme of attack was planned for Moscow and Leningrad. The latter was surrounded on 8 September 1941. But the Germans take the city failed. According to one version they tried to capture the city and wanted to block it and to surrender. In November 1941, they failed venture.

the Wehrmacht had also planned to encircle Moscow and to compress the ring of siege until the destruction of the city. The Germans even managed to almost come close to the desired positions. But in December 1941, Soviet troops launched a counteroffensive.

a Trap for the Nazis

the Volga from the Soviet troops was a reliable rear, so they successfully defended Stalingrad. Because of the invulnerability of the left Bank of the river, the Germans could not cross, and their aircraft failed to destroy a Soviet crossing and to deprive the defenders support.

After the war, there were many assertions that the Soviet command held in vain the ruins of Stalingrad and lost there too many soldiers. But if the Germans managed to take the city, they wouldn’t have to keep so many troops there as in November of 1942. Moreover, the defeat at Stalingrad was heavily hit by the mood of the German soldier and command.

Soviet soldiers in Stalingrad staunchly defended and lure as many enemies. 14 Oct 1942, Hitler gave the order to move of the Wehrmacht in strategic defense, but near the city the troops were set offensive tasks. The enemy stubbornly himself herded into a trap, and it remained only to slam, and that was eventually done.

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