How do you like your Steak? Bloody, medium or well done? These three Cooking settings, there are typically in the preparation of your Steaks, of course, there are gradations: for example, for all that can’t have their Steak rare enough. For those disgusted with the red liquid, however, it is now clear. It is, in fact, even to blood.

+++ Learn how you the degree of doneness of a steak can determine +++

The meat juice, the outlet to the Steak, no matter whether the Setting is bloody or reached, is anything other than blood. It looks like neither then, nor does it taste like blood. In fact, it is Myoglobin, a Protein contained in the muscle meat.

The Protein is for the intramuscular oxygen to the body. It takes the oxygen from the blood by the hemoglobin. Incidentally, this is an iron-containing protein complex of red blood cells. Myoglobin contains red pigments, as a result, the lean meat gets its red color. It is, however, no blood. The meat is well-done, changed the color to Gray.

the food industry is not tricking with the red color,

for that To happen, knows the industry with a Trick: it uses carbon monoxide. This ensures that the red color remains in the meat. For example, in the case of fresh meat in the supermarket. At least in the United States. In Europe, this procedure is not approved. Ham, hot dogs and other sausage products are often treated with Nitrite curing salt, also ensures that the red color disappears. Who cooked meat on a charcoal grill, produces carbon monoxide. One of the reasons why the meat remains juicy red.

If you would like to order in the future, Steak and fries, don’t you think the fact that it really is blood. Learn here the secret of the best Steaks and how they roast it to perfection.


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