93.5 million hectolitres of beer, the Germans drank in 2017, the Federal Statistical office said. 106 liters per capita. In comparison to the previous year, 2.5 percent less, the beginning of the 90s, the Germans had 143 litres. Are bottled beer bottles, so now no longer on the shelf? And beer can actually be?

Good to know expire chocolate and the white covering is harmful? By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Like any food, beer bears a date of minimum durability. Up to this point, the beer tastes properly, but also long afterwards. Beer is one of the few foods in which no human harmful bacteria to develop. The pH value of the beer. What may develop, however, are beer harmful bacteria and can affect the flavor of the beer negatively.

the higher the Hop content in the beer, the longer it is preserved. Hops have an antibacterial effect and prevents the beer is unfit for human consumption. However, it may be that the flavors from the hops disappear quickly. Therefore, you should Beers like IPA or Pale Ale as fresh as possible and drink quickly.

See, taste, smell: How your nose can detect whether your food is still good Fullscreen


After expiry is still safe? Yes, several months to years,

How to check?

eyes: the top mold, only small dots drives, then carpet/ flocculation

nose: musty, pungent

mouth: bitter, scarf

What to do? In the case of mold, dispose of it. Little color or flavor changes are okay.

tip: So the beer stays fresh longer: dark and cool.

© In mold beer

dispose is Also true in the case of unfiltered Beers: Better, faster, drink as a long. In malt Beers stressed it looks a little different. Suitable for Storage, because of the high alcohol content kills germs.

Also, the consumer advice centre writes that you can consume expired beer with a clear Conscience for several months to years. The durability can be tested with the senses. Drives the mold on the foam crown, and formed the first small dots, and flakes, if you should drink the beer. Likewise, if it tastes musty smells or bitter. It applies: In the case of mold, dispose of, small, color, or aroma changes are okay.

best to store beer in a dark and cool so it stays fresh longer.


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