The Smartphone is the most personal electronic device we have ever owned – and it contains from intimate conversations to Online Banking tons of our data. No wonder that Criminals try to get access to it. In front of four Smartphones, the Federal office for information security (BSI) warns: they contain factory-installed Trojan as a backdoor.

On four Android Smartphones from Chinese manufacturers could prove to the BSI the pests. When Doogee BL7000 and M Horse Pure 1 the Trojans were on the latest Firmware still active. When Keecoo P11 an older Firmware was affected, the latest (V3.04) far, according to the authority of the pest. Also on the Lenovo Mix Plus the experts discovered the same pest, he does not seem to be active. However, the office no longer advises to make use of all of the models out of caution rather.

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Although all of the devices are cheap models of largely unknown Chinese manufacturers, there are also in Germany to be Concerned. Through an access to a so-called Sinkhole servers, the BSI were able to determine that the malicious software, requests from at least 20,000 different IP-addresses arrived – the day.

The Software is run, according to the BSI, Sophos, under the name “Andr/Xgen2-CY”, regularly contacts a control server. A reload function, it can be arbitrarily extended by new features and then about Bank Apps eavesdrop. BSI-Chef Arge Schönbohm also warns explicitly against the use of the devices in a Smart home, with the Windows or doors on the Smartphone can be opened.

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you have one of the devices, you have a few options. Due to the Integration in the System, the pests are not found in the rule by installed anti-virus programs also do not let users remove. The BSI recommends clearly to use the equipment and to contact the dealer.

The pre-installed Trojans are particularly a phenomenon of No-Name Smartphones, which usually come from China. Many of the cheap prices of the units on the relevant platforms, panels and faith, to make a bargain. In the end, you pay with your data.

source: Federal office for security in information technology

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