It is the dream of many high school graduates to travel: After the completion of three quarters of a year by Australia. For the family of Theo. h. his dream trip became a nightmare. For over two weeks, the 18-year-old Belgian has disappeared without a trace. Now his father is trying it with a desperate plea to Whatsapp.

“We know that Theo used on the night of his disappearance Whatsapp,” said his father, at a press conference in the police station of the Australian city of Tweed Heads on Monday. “It is really vital that investigators get to without delay access to Theo’s Whatsapp Account. Every Minute counts.” His hope: The Whatsapp-operators Facebook to decrypt the Chats of his son. “I know that this is because of the secrecy policy is problematic. But it comes to help people in acute danger.”

Mysterious Disappearance Messenger Whatsapp-founder the Facebook Deal: “I sold the privacy of my users” By Malte Mansholt

Since the 6. June is reported to Theo, missing since then, police and the Public trying to figure out what happened. He had left his Hostel in New South Wales, and then his trace is lost. The last sign of life is a recording of a security camera in a Store. Theo had bought in the vicinity of a night club together with a man alcohol. His Disappearance was discovered by the staff of the Hostels. He had left in his room his Luggage, including the passport, but had not checked out. A few weeks later he wanted to return to Belgium.

Whatsapp has now given to the request. We understand the importance of the investigation, said in a statement from the service. “We support you, taking into account the legal situation and of our terms of use.” The desire of the father, you will not be able to join but: The messages between users, according to Whatsapp end-to-end encrypted, the service can’t read according to their own information and not even for others to decrypt.

Messenger of This data is Whatsapp to Facebook and tell all Of Malte Mansholt investigating authorities will want to. access

The encryption of the popular messenger is the investigative authorities and politicians around the world to be a thorn in the side of Longer in the police and secret services, demand access to the Chats, the German conference of interior Ministers want to impose a back entrance to the Messenger. In Australia a law is also in the planning stage.

other ways Whatsapp can help in the search may still be. The service evaluates, when and who with whom we talk, GPS data could be theoretically stored. “Our investigators will evaluate all the information available,” promised the local police chief Dave Roptell at the press conference.

His father will probably make more. “I promised Theo’s brother, to take him alive to bring back,” he said during the conference in tears. “Please help us.”

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