The cardiologist told us about the benefits of the fitness bracelets

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health-Tracking fitness bracelets and smart watches are useful for medicine. This opinion was expressed by a cardiologist Konstantin Ivanov.

“Research is conducted, and in the near future we will see benefits from the smart watch for medicine. We much easier to pass 10 thousand steps or to follow the diet, if gadgets make a game of it,” – said Ivanov in an interview with radio Sputnik.

the Doctor noted that the modern gadgets have features such as measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, measuring sleep phases, steps and so on. He believes that these gadgets can surely be considered useful for health.

the expert dispelled the myth about the harm of gadgets. He said that many people are afraid to get a huge dose of radiation from their use. The expert explained that some believe that modern devices are still not fully studied.

“There is an enormous number of myths that modern gadgets have crazy properties of radiation. Perhaps they can be compared with the fear of a meteor which carries awesome power,” – said the expert.

He added that to date no such studies that assert the dangers of the devices on the human body.

Earlier, British scientists came to the conclusion that the night mode on smartphones, using a protection from blue light affects the circadian rhythms of the body.

Such radiation is bad for sleep and can cause more harm than good. Cool colors are more familiar to the human body, and does not have a too negative impact.

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