If the forecasts of the CIS are met, Vox will be a severe blow for the next 10 November. Not only will not increase their representation in Congress, as predict, the majority of the published surveys in the last few days (that attributed above 30 seats; about 12% of the votes), but you will see it cropped substantially.

The macrosondeo of the institute led by Tezanos attributed to the party’s ultra-7.9% of the vote (4% of direct intention of vote); that is to say, 2.4 percentage points less than those who took the 28 of April. This would result in 14 to 21 seats; which is between 10 and three seats less than the Congress, outgoing. By provinces, the CIS gives by lost members that Vox won in Asturias, Valladolid, Ciudad Real, Badajoz, and Barcelona. And has a risk of Córdoba, Zaragoza, the Balearic islands, Guadalajara, one of the two in Valencia and one of the five in Madrid. The only parliamentarian again attributed to it, and it is not safe, it is by The Palms.


The CIS gives the PSOE up to 150 seats in the elections of the 10-N What say the latest polls? That low the PSOE and climbs Vox Vox brings together 20,000 people in a rally against the secesionismo in Columbus

the key to The study demoscópico of the CIS is that it does not confirm the sinking of Citizens that give the majority of the surveys and that, even falling from 14.3% to 11.1%, the party of Rivera is far ahead of Vox, which is still relegated to the status of fifth political force. The great leap forward that forecast soundings are due to that place Vox as a third force in the Congress in seats and in votes in many constituencies, in which carry away to Citizens by the last deputy in game that this was in the elections of 28-A.

Although the CIS does not adventure participation, 67% of respondents say they will vote, and another 11.5% say they will with all probability. In April, the turnout was 75,7, one of the highest in the history of Spanish democracy.

CIS-2019-28A 2016 Seat assigned Seat insurance (99% probability) Seat likely (75% to 99%) Seat in the game (25% to 75%) is Seats in the fork minimum Seats to the fork maximum Seat assigned Province (Seats)PSOEPPCSUPVOXOtrosTotal Seguros1236657422438Madrid (37)Barcelona (32)Valencia (15)Alicante (12)Seville (12)Malaga (11)Murcia (10)Cadiz (9)A Coruña (8)Bizkaia (8)Illes Balears (8)Palms (8)Asturias (7)Grenade (7)Pontevedra (7)Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7)Zaragoza (7)Almeria (6)Badajoz (6)Cordoba (6)Gipuzkoa (6)Girona (6)Tarragona, (6)Toledo (6)Cantabria (5)Castellón (5)Royal City (5)Huelva (5)Jaén (5)Navarre (5)Valladolid, spain (5)Albacete (4)Araba / Alava (4), Burgos (4)Caceres (4)La Rioja (4)Lion (4)Lleida (4)Lugo (4), Ourense (4)Salamanca (4)Basin (3), Guadalajara (3)Huesca, spain (3)Spain (3)Segovia (3)Teruel (3)Zamora (3)Avila (3)Soria (2)Ceuta (1)Melilla (1) Seat assigned Province (Seats)PSOEPPCSUPVOXOtrosTotal Seguros85137327125Madrid (36)Barcelona (31)Valencia (16)Alicante (12)Seville (12)Malaga (11)Murcia (10)Cadiz (9)A Coruña (8)Illes Balears (8)Palms (8)Asturias (8)Grenade (7), Pontevedra (7)Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7)Zaragoza (7)Almeria (6)Badajoz (6)Cordoba (6)Girona (6)Tarragona, (6)Toledo (6)Cantabria (5)Castellón (5)Royal City (5)Huelva (5)Jaén (5)Navarre (5)Valladolid (5)Albacete (4)Araba / Alava (4)Bizkaia (4), Burgos (4)Caceres (4)Gipuzkoa (4)Huesca, Spain (3)La Rioja (4)Lion (4), Lleida (4)Lugo (4), Ourense (4)Salamanca (4)Basin (3), Guadalajara (3)Palencia (3), Segovia (3)Teruel (3)Zamora (3)Avila (3)Soria (2)Ceuta (1)Melilla (1)


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