In the Sharks-Reds, a team who play in the coast of Veracruz, have forgotten to earn and receive a salary. It is a wretched team that has yarn of 40 matches without a win. They are the worst team of all time in Mexico. The kindness of the mexican League allowed the club to pay six million dollars to dodge the Second Division. The crisis in sport has escalated with a protest of their players to demand the payment of their salary.

In an event that is unusual in mexican soccer, the players of the Sharks Red came out to the field and after the whistle remained motionless for four minutes. In that interval his rival, the Tigers, scored two goals. At the end of the silent protest, but symbolic, and already plugged into the game, received the third. The players of the Veracruz did not expect such a reaction from its rivals. Neither the fans, nor the rest of the guild of players. The gesture of the whole feline was severely reproached by the lack of empathy. The match ended 1-3. It was defeat number 40 in the mexican League.


Zero points in the field; six million dollars in shipments to not go down The football clubs mexicans, in the sights of the tax office for tax evasion, The league punishes with warmth Veracruz and Tigres after violence in stands

The Tibu, nickname to the team, builds up a whole chain of misfortunes. The last match that they won in the League was the 25 of August of 2018. It has exceeded the 32 matches that he lost the Derby County of the Premier League in 2007-2008. The mexicans will exceeds the FC Chernomorets Burgas of Bulgaria, which remained 43 matches without a win. The tournament had added four points obtained from the same number of ties, but FIFA were withdrawn from those units due to a debt owed by the rights of a player of Montevideo Wanderers, Uruguay.

the root of The problem of the constant defeats Veracruz have been the payments of the players. The club shark has employed a mechanism to avoid to pay high sums to the mexican Hacienda, known as the dual contracts. Before the mexican football Federation (FMF) all clubs must submit the documents that vouch the wages of their players. However, the owner of Veracruz, Fidel Kuri, agreed to pay a different contract. A percentage of the salary is submitted to the FMF and the other is paid as “image rights” through a phantom company. The tax authorities have put the watch to the case, even without concluding their investigations.

“There are players who have abandoned their homes. The computer does not have medicines. The debt is so extreme that it reaches people in gardening and other jobs,” said Carlos Salcido, a veteran mexican footballer and captain of Veracruz. The crisis, as told, also came to the women’s team that has up to two and a half months of bills. They do not have a personal doctor.

The mexican football Federation, to hours from Veracruz he had played his most recent match, gave the players a fund of 18 million pesos (Approximately 942.000 dollars), but only to those who are able to present their complaint and complaint in their offices. The Mexican Association of Professional Footballers has been seen as a gesture of good will and has closed the possibility of a general strike in the wake of the case Sharks in the Red.

Veracruz made gestures of correction with not playing the match against the Tigers, a situation that, according to the League president Enrique Bonilla, would lead to the club to be disenrolled, to their demise. “So not the documents are submitted in support of the bills, there is no way that we can act,” Bonilla said. The Liga MX allows teams to mexicans to pay six million dollars to avoid playing in the relegation, a chance atypical in other countries. “In the past 16 years, no player has been left without a charge and this should not be the exception,” said the responsible of the competition in mexico.

The key man in the hardship of Veracruz is its owner, Fidel Kuri. “There are contracts that players would not sign because it had the conditions of results, they preferred to verbally and verbally we have (…) The problem is that many are not signed, and these are the consequences”, launched the entrepreneur. The also former mp of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), has become a polemic character in football. His foray into the sport you did when you ran the defunct Second Division team Reboceros of the Stone which, after winning his ticket to First, moved the team to Veracruz. There was wrapped up by Javier Duarte, the governor indicted for money laundering and organized crime. Kuri Grajales has accumulated a list of accusations of non-payment, and even in 2016, was vetoed by the Federation by beating the then commissioner of arbitration, Edgardo Codesal, during a match.

“My word is worth more than a contract”, has launched Kuri. The players of the Veracruz have sent a message of solidarity through their social networks “today for me, for you.” In their ranks you have to promise mexican goal, Sebastian Jurado (22 years old), who has become the banner of the frustration at the club: tears in the eyes while he kisses the crest. The Sharks Reds, with six coaches in the last two years, are the abyss, still with five matches to play and with an eye to the pocket.

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