The defense Ministry has denied Erdogan's words on the attacks in Syria

Photo: AP/Ugur Can/DHA

Russian defense Ministry denied the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the attacks in Syria, RBC reports.

the Ministry said that the Russian military will act only on the basis of the Sochi agreement. The Ministry added that the crisis in the area of de-escalation in Idlib came after violations by Turkey promises to neutralize the terrorists.

Earlier, Erdogan suggested that the military of Russia and Syria, the strikes in Idlib province on civilians. Erdogan suggested that from now on, “attacking villages in Idlib aircraft will not be able to operate freely as it was before.”

February 10, it became known that the government forces in Damascus carried out the shelling of a Turkish observation object in Idlib. The attack killed five people.

the defense Ministry of Turkey stated that, in return, struck the 115 Syrian targets. It is argued that 101 fighter neutralized, destroyed three tanks and shot down the helicopter.

Four zones of de-escalation in Syria was established in accordance with the may agreement 2017 at the talks in Astana the representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey. In 2018, three areas came under the control of Damascus.

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