The Department of labor and social protection told about the children departed from their parents

Photo credit: TASS/Mikhail Japaridze

the Department of labor and social protection has commented on the information about children, complained about beatings by parents.

About the facts of abuse, the children told the doctors clinic. In the emergency room they were accompanied by employees of bodies of guardianship. Now the lives and health of children threatens nothing.

Children wrote statements that they were placed in institutions of social protection, because they don’t want to be with their parents. Temporarily they were placed in a children’s hospital.

After the examination, children can move to the family center. They provide everything you need.

According to preliminary data, it is about a large family where the two older children are already adults. Registered in social security institutions was not, for social assistance was not sought.

Now the police checks on the fact of cruel treatment with children.