The doctor called the optimal amount of sex

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the Doctor-sexologist Eugene Kulgavchuk in an interview with radio Sputnik said about the “conditionally-physiological rhythm of” sexual life.

the Specialist noted that most people has no idea what “normal” frequency of intimate contacts. In this regard, he explained how many of the sex will not bring damage to psychological and physical health and is optimal for human health.

“In sexology there is such a thing as FID (conditionally-physiological rhythm). It is not a mandatory standard, but, according to him, it is believed that intimate contact is needed 2-3 times a week. This is the average norm, and people have different temperament and different sexual Constitution. It is important to know his sexual Constitution,” said the doctor.

According to Kulgavchuk, the arrears of his norm partner effect on the deterioration of his health. However, the expert warned, and from the overabundance of intimate relations, since the norm of sexual activity will be increased, and the process of sex will begin to pall.

Also, the sexologist advised to refrain from physical intimacy before important events. He explained that after a phase of the voltage, the phase of relaxation.

“After intimate and vivid contact nervous system goes into protective mode, in recovery mode. If during this process you need to show good results, the efficiency will be lower”, – concluded the expert.

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