For a long time had been accused of several parents and their children to the doctor Jan Karbaat to have in his fertility clinic, the sperm of the chosen donor, but his own used. In court, the potential children had asked for a DNA comparison. With Success. The first DNA results are in: The former Director of a sperm Bank is a father of at least 49 children born after In-Vitro fertilization.

DNA Tests have shown that “of the 49 children were direct descendants” of the 2017 deceased doctor Jan Karbaat, informed the children’s rights organization “Defence for Children”. “The results confirm that Karbaat has used his own cum.” In may 2017 it was reported that at the age of 89 years, late Reproductive medicine is believed to be the father of numerous children who were born following artificial insemination. This came out in a DNA comparison, for an illegitimate child Karbaats had voluntarily provided his DNA.

Karbaat himself has denied the allegations until his death, and any cooperation rejected. His DNA was collected by court order and until today kept. For decades Karbaat as a fertility doctor, first in hospitals, then in a clinic in Rotterdam and later in his own fertility clinic Bijdorp in Barendrecht. In the case of the closure of its clinic in 2009, a significant number of abuses have been discovered, including the Exceeding of the agreed number of children per donor.

donate sperm mother without a husband: This woman has five children from the sperm Bank doctor sperm of different males is mixed

at the Time, it turned out that the documents contained, among other things, false statements as to the appearance or profession of the donor. Some of the women were cheering for the second pregnancy, the sperm of another donor, so your children will have, contrary to your request, different fathers.

Karbaats members refused to do paternity testing with reference to your privacy. In February, a Dutch court ruled that the DNA results must be provided to the persons Concerned. “After years of uncertainty, the plaintiff will be able to conclude this Chapter final, and to deal with it, that you are one of the many descendants of Karbaat,” said Iara de Witte of the “Defence for Children”. The organization says it is likely that Karbaat has fathered more children. Of cum from his clinic has also been sent to other hospitals.

One of Karbaats descendants, Eric Lever, said the Dutch daily newspaper “NRC” he was angry at Karbaat. “I feel it’s not that he cheated on my mother. She really wanted a child and couldn’t get it with my father.” Before his death, Karbaat should have acknowledged that he fathered more than 60 children in his clinic. Later, he admitted that he mixed the sperm of different donors, and records of donors have counterfeited, said “NRC”.

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