For his modesty, Tesla boss Elon Musk has never been known. And he stresses again. He was convinced that his Robotaxi fleet could go after release by the authorities as early as next year, said Musk in the night to Tuesday. The plans are already in place for years.

as early as 2016, the idea of the “Tesla Network” provides that owners send in their own private Cars to Autonomous taxi rides loss, if you you just need. Tesla wants to bring also own cars on this platform, and earn money, announced Musk.

Tesla Taxis to 2024, go to the Start

Musk and his schedule is more optimistic than many other car Manager. Ford, for example, is planning the launch of its Robotaxi services in some parts of the city of Miami and Washington for the year 2024. Google’s sister company, Waymo started a few months ago a commercial driving service with self-driving cars, for selected residents of a suburb in Phoenix (Arizona) – but is a security driver at the wheel.

In contrast to the majority of the industry uses Musk to make the cars in front of all cameras self-propelled and not using more expensive Laserradare, the scanning of the surrounding area. Tesla trained car its Robot Software for this, including pictures of the cameras from the vehicles already on the road.

Autonomous cars were already announced for 2017

Musk and Tesla again and again, ambitious targets were delayed or not achieved. So he was already in 2017, a fully Autonomous driving a Tesla from one U.S. coast to the other in a view that has not taken place up to now. Also, the production of the current Tesla-bearer of hope of Model 3 was much slower to ramp up than planned.

Tesla puts in front of on Wednesday quarter numbers and the black Numbers last year, experts expect a loss. The background could be that deliveries of the Model 3 were decreased in the Wake of the international Expansion recently.


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