Our article on the extreme lack of skilled workers in German day-care centres has obviously hit a nerve. Almost 300 Times it was shared on Facebook. And also to our readers call to many people, mainly teachers, and reported to educators, self – word. On Facebook, dozens of Users shared their experiences. Here we present a selection of the most blatant Kita-experiences from star readers.

Dramatic shortage of skilled workers, “Many see us still “Tinker ” aunts” – a teacher explains the staffing in day care centers By Hendrik hold man under occupied Kita: supervision promotion

A mother from the Region of Hannover complains about dramatic injury crisis in the institution visited by your child. In extreme cases, a teacher had to take care alone of 25 children. So the work of the educators in the past year was more of a “supervision” as a correct care with promoting. The regular operating only with temporary workers temporary work is maintained. The means for the children at times, often changing reference persons. In this way, children and parents were annoyed. Your letters to the policy had only been with “phrases-letters,” answered.

Male teachers are urgently

Chris S. needs has been working for two and a half years as a medical educator in a daycare. Then he pulled the ripcord and stopped. In his extensive reader mail, he draws attention to the Problem that only very few men work as educators. In addition, the recognition of male day-care employees is still low, especially on the part of the male parents. Chris S. was the only man in his nursery. The fact was, however, that in the majority of cases, about half of the children requiring care are boys. The quote for this was “usually much too low”. It’s all limited to movement games and Build with Lego or blocks. It could, in time, be not a sufficient offer for these children is created, if it does not succeed, to inspire more men to work as educators.

the real Problem Are the working hours of the parents?

Patrick A. wrote to us that the professionals have led to shortages in the nursery of his child to the shortening of opening Hours. Now the facility is open only until 17 o’clock. That is, the father, “still pretty good”. Thanks to its “good employer” he had his working hours as an employee in retail, fortunately. Much of a General he is, however, the question of whether there is a need in General, really is more an educator or “a return to a world in which you do not needed every day of the week full – day educator for a time, was not in the work time end of the was” much more desirable.

education brutal school abolishes corporal punishment – against the resistance of the parents of the “Young gentlemen are afraid to can this profession until retirement”

Kathrin L., according to his own statement, for 40 years an educator – and you have been involved in many developments. But what she has observed in the last ten years, be of new quality. The requirements were extremely high. Development of reports, language support, Portfolios, open-work, with the design of educational spaces – all of which will now required of educators. Particularly stressful is the changes in the periods of care are, in your opinion, also. So would be picked up at your facility only four from a total of 84 children, at 12.30 p.m., the groups increased. This is for children and educators a high level of stress. All of this contributes to your view, to make the profession attractive. Young colleagues would be afraid that you will not be able to exercise the activity until retirement. Many colleagues therefore reduced the preventive the number of hours – so you have to work at all power for a private life.

“I Would be happy to be able to change a ‘craft aunt'”

Michelle S. commented on Facebook our article. She writes with reference to the title of the star’s contribution (“Many see us still “Tinker ” aunts” – a teacher explains the staffing in day care centers”), that they would be “very happy to be able to change a ‘craft aunt’.” In your opinion, with a view of the “whole documentation stuff” hardly any time for the child. “How often do you have to refuse the children to play together, Memory, or UNO, because you have 1000 reasons to sit on the PC?!”, so the Facebook user. She, too, sees the blame at the politicians. This would not have been noticed “yet, unfortunately, that you to your future, and the children, to pay their pension entirely in front of the wall”.

If the interview has a cost of 15 Euro.

A 19-Year-old from Wuerzburg, who wishes to remain anonymous, is currently in the application process and must apply for their educational training for a school as well as vocational education and training. That is, she receives after a successful application at a daycare center a contract of employment and is then rejected, but then the school has failed the training. Your application to the school must attach also a 15 Euro processing fee. In order to be covered, according to a statement from the school, the cost for the job interview. After all, If it comes to a conversation, will you refund the money.

Since the return was to our readers call to be very large, we had to make an editorial choice. We are still grateful for the numerous interesting submissions.


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