There is a challenge for the security on Board a cruise ship, which is probably the biggest one of all – fire. Why and how you should react in case of a fire on the cruise, you will learn.

security on the cruise: fires on Board

again and again it comes to smaller fires on the ships, most of the time the crew gets to the fire quickly under control, before it can be larger. But what if the fires pose a greater risk because they have not been brought under control?

cruise ships are in addition to a professionally trained Crew with self-extinguishing safety systems. The Fire can be eliminated quickly and safely before the fire spreads. “In addition, all cabins are equipped with fireproof doors,” explains Helge grammer peat, National Director of Clia Germany, to the editorial office.

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there Is a fire on Board a cruise ship?

The fire-fighting on Board is the responsibility of specially trained members of the crew. These have, in the normal case, while other on-Board tasks, however, are trained on a regular basis for the Fighting of fires on the cruise ship.

but What happens if the Situation during a fire on Board is not alone get through, the crew in the handle? In this case, must be consulted, as in the case of the fire on the Aida Nova in October 2018, the fire brigade of the nearest village.

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