The economist commented on the tax on deposits over 1 million roubles

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Head of the laboratory of comparative studies of socio-economic systems, Moscow state University, doctor of Economics Andrei Kolganov Moscow has explained 24 why the Russian government to impose a tax on deposits of more than 1 million rubles. The economist believes that all funds will go to support citizens in pandemic COVID-19.

Kolganov said about the need to fulfill all the orders of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin connected with the support of the population at the time of isolation.

He explained that such benefits as payments on 5 thousand roubles to those families who are entitled to maternity capital, increase of unemployment benefits and increasing payments for sick leave, are a great burden on the budget.

“As it is necessary to compensate for these additional expenditures. It is linked to the introduction of additional taxes,” – said the expert.

Earlier in his speech Vladimir Putin in a televised address announced plans to introduce a tax on interest from deposits to one million rubles. However, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the tax is 13% for interest income on deposits more than a million rubles is planned to enter only in 2024.

city authorities are watching the situation in the business sectors most affected by the coronavirus. Sergei Sobyanin said that the deposited rents, land and property tax. Now introduced a set of measures for regional support in case of need will receive targeted help, said Sobyanin.

one day in Moscow has registered 157 new cases of infection with coronavirus. The city has identified 703 cases. All cases and contacts of the person are under the supervision of physicians.

it Also became known that from COVID-19 treated three more patients. Issued a total of 18 people. The number of deaths due to the coronavirus has increased to three people.

8 new cases were recorded in the suburbs. The Moscow region accounts for 49 infected.

The total number of cases of coronavirus in Russia – 1036 people. New cases of infection are in 16 regions of the country. Cured 45 patients.

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