cancer is a treacherous disease, which contributes to anxiety, loss, and grief in many families. Too often, sees, hears and reads of cases in which the disease prevails, and beloved people die. Therefore, one can only imagine how the American couple, Sheena and Freddie from Lakeside, California, must have felt, as in the case of her little daughter Zoe, a neuroblastoma, a was diagnosed by the adrenal outgoing type of cancer.

The little Zoe has had to endure

The little girl had to undergo chemotherapy, therapies, wasted away, lost his hair, had to pass often. The parents and siblings were suffering with the then seven-year-old, who left everything to brave, endure, and never your will to live lost. Zoe wanted to be healthy – and fought for it. It endured seven rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, two stem cell TRANS-Planta-tions, and a ten-hour Operation, with the parts of a huge tumor on her hip had to be removed.

Posted by Sheena Figueroa on Sunday, may 2. June 2019

And sometimes it is actually good at something. Sometimes the cancer wins. Sometimes a little girl, though the chances were actually very bad, back to health. So like Zoe. After several chemotherapy treatments, the Doctors and her family told us that her little body was now cancer-free. This was shortly before her eighth birthday.

A birthday celebration in the narrow family circle, there was for Zoe still in the hospital. But of course, the family wanted to make no half things, after the eight-year-old was finally healthy again and at home: Zoe’s parents planned a huge Celebration with all the friends, Relatives and neighbors and all those who had taken part in the fate of the girl. Zoe, who loves to dress up, was allowed to slip into a sparkly ball gown and was the center of the rushing Party.

How much luck had to be the family not celebrate big

gifts to the girl but wanted to. At least not for themselves. She was lucky and was in good health – many of their friends with whom they had spent in the past few weeks, day and night in the hospital, but were treated. In order for this to happen as well as possible, collected Zoe for your great birthday party for donations for the children’s cancer clinic. And in addition to games and stuffed animals, so that the small patients can be distracted from time to time of the exhausting treatments.

your use was worth: More than $ 750 came along, and will now be donated to the clinic. In addition, more than 200 toys, the Zoe’s former patients will, hopefully, bring some light-hearted moments. “You need anything for themselves,” says Zoe’s mother, Sheena. “Zoe said: I want to give everything to the children.”

source: ABC News

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