The Empress of Austria-Hungary meets us every year at Christmas in the TV program. Probably for two reasons: The 24.12.1837 was her birthday and the “Sissi”trilogy from the 1950s, with Romy Schneider in the lead role, contains enough Lard and seasoning to the roast Goose. Love and passion, happiness and a sense of family – and then this terrible Asthma – should be the pillars on which our memories of the sentimental costume drama. And, of course, Josef Meinrad as Gendarmerie-Major Böckl, the comic Element.

the romantic heart-pain-the history, the Ernst Marischka tells us in “Sissi”, has little to do with reality, we feared, of course, always. So one-dimensional life is not just. But the fact that our final book for sex education comes in the Form of a Graphic Novel and “true life” the Empress is so much more exciting, more modern and more interesting than the Schmonzette, this is truly a Surprise. Giorgia Marras, Italian-born French home, introduces us to in “Sisi” a woman who was self-aware, politically gifted, and courageous, however, the court could not enforce. The tried desperately to your personal interests as well as their freedom to enforce – what was her mid-1860s, finally, gradually, by was as rarely as possible in Vienna.


For relief of your head is Sisi your hair in strands to hang them. So proud she’s on her thick, long hair so exhausting it’s also.

©Giorgia Marrass/Knesebeck hair and diets, horseback riding and travel, the passions of the Empress,

The cult, the Sisi operating your very long and very dense hair, took a lot of time. The care and the Styling lasted for hours. However, its weight also meant that the Empress was suffering from migraine and sometimes a break from the load is needed. Likewise, Sisi took time for sports. She was obsessed with her character, gave her life to a strict diet, and underscore your narrow waist with a tight-laced corset. She made endless walks that tired her ladies in waiting and turn-owned devices, such as rings, where you brought yourself in shape.


in the middle of the 19th century. Century it was still extremely rare that people go in for sports – especially on such a cool gym equipment such as rings

©Giorgia Marras/Knesebeck

From the Imperial court, she escaped as often as possible, and went on trips. Because of their various diseases, it often cures, but they loved it, apparently, also, to discover the world. Sisi liked the strict rules and constraints, just as she shared the views of their mother-in-law. Sisi got a total of four children, of whom, however, it lost two. Their first born, Sophie Friederike, the Sisi with 17, had brought almost a year after the wedding, to the world, died two years ago after a trip on which she had become ill. And her son Rudolph, a sensitive Boy who was raised as crown Prince, took up with a 30 life, because he couldn’t be with the woman he loved. Their fourth child, Marie Valerie, had a special Status in Sisi’s life, she was born in 1868 in Hungary. For you Sisi took more time than for Gisela and Rudolf, which led to jealousy. The rumors that Marie was a daughter of count Andrassy, remained for a long time.

for their last voyage Sisi took in 1898 incognito to Geneva. As you wanted to travel with the ship, she fell down a would-be assassin to the victim, hit her with a tip of a file to the heart. Sisi took the injury is first not true, but shortly thereafter collapsed. She was brought back to your Hotel, however, could no longer be saved.


“Sisi – woman, rebel, Empress,” the Comic biography of Giorgia Marras, Knesebeck, 222 pages, € 28, here, can be ordered

©Knesebeck A book that is so exciting is that it is hard

For Giorgia Marras, born in 1988, separates “Sisi”, the fourth Graphic Novel, which you designed. At 222 pages it introduces us to the Empress, which we never knew existed. Sporty and wild, passionate and full of suffering. Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary would have been detected in the drawings of Marra’s probably quite again. Your “rebellious” views that you wanted to enforce for the education of crown Prince Rudolf, their longing for freedom. The loving, beautiful and funny drawings will give the reader a Sisi, he can separate at the end of the book difficult. As a treat, Marras has a biographies collection in which you summarize the significance and relationship of the most important people braids together once again. They invite you to let the content again to reminisce and to say goodbye to in the rest of the captivating book. You have to be a Fan of Royal houses to inspire you for this Sisi.

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