The elimination of the ataman Dutov in China: the first special operation of the KGB

History 22/03/20 Elimination of ataman Dutov in China: the first special operation of the KGB

the Cossack ataman A. I. Dutov was lost due to the unreliability of its intelligence – was guarded by one of the leaders of the White movement is extremely bad. The KGB was able to beat the guards and shoot Dutova almost insolently and openly.

Why it happened

It was one of the first successful Bolshevik centralized stock to eliminate the leaders of the White movement abroad. The Bolsheviks approached the issue thoroughly, each time carefully developed scenarios, knowing that I have to play on the expectations of whites – on their hopes for assistance and support. The buttons on that fateful time, and pressed it. Alexander Dutov was one of those who had joined the Cossacks, appeared in 1920-ies abroad – such was its status, quite high at the time. Shot Dutov in February 1921, the Chinese Suiding, and, unfortunately, no one was able at that moment to protect him.

Who was he

Alexander Ilyich Dutov was troop ataman of the Orenburg Cossack troops, acting against the Bolsheviks. Hereditary Cossack, who graduated from the cadet corps and cavalry school. This record was enough for the man engaged in organizational work in the troubled post-revolutionary era. Dutov tried to take power over a large, strategically important Russian regions, beyond the control of the Bolsheviks, Siberia. When he realized that he does not succeed, the chieftain made a last attempt to consolidate the Cossack connection in exile in Western China. Support Dutov with the Entente reinforced his position with what Soviet Russia is, of course, to deal could not.

to Kidnap not kill

the Bolsheviks were interested in the fact that publicly execute Dutov. They were going to steal the chieftain, to bring in Russia, to judge and to kill. Chairman of the Cheka, Feliks Dzerginski insisted on such a scenario. The experience had, the Soviet counter-intelligence work effectively. But in this case, similarly to close the topic failed.

To Dutovo sent his old acquaintance, a man called Mahmoud Gojamanov Uighurs, whom the KGB pre-processed. He and the chieftain shot from a revolver (and later his adjutant, rushing to Dutovo for help). Terrorist action for the elimination of the Cossack ataman was successful, all members of the sabotage group managed to return home unharmed.

Subsequently, Uyghur Gojamanov for successfully implemented, the attack received from Felix Dzerzhinsky personal revolver and a gold watch. But during the Stalinist repression, he was shot for “sabotage”. Nearly all the participants in the elimination Dutova in Stalin’s jail or sent to Siberia – where before Dutov tried to revive the Russian Cossacks.

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