When it doesn’t… Tuesday, the presentation of a list LREM-Modem for the european elections has turned into a fiasco. The campaign director, Stéphane Stayed, was supposed to announce the names of the candidates, but it has some of the blunders during a long sequence quite embarrassing.

Flesh certain names from the list or abutting on the professions of others, the former advisor Emmanuel Macron has increased the hesitation, apologizing throughout his delivery. He also forgot twice to submit Pierre Karleskind, vice-president of the regional council of Brittany and 14th on the list, as well as Charline Mathiaut, a manager in the real estate occupying the 27th place.

bad to worse

To make matters worse, the paper version of the press release contains an error. Xavier Fournier, 28th on the list, is presented as a municipal councillor of Nantes… in Britain. Yet another confusion that have not failed to meet the users. As for the journalist Bernard Guetta, it is just presented as a “specialist of international geopolitics”.

To conclude this sequence calamitous, the official photo. Again, nothing went as planned. While all the world was installed, ready to strike a pose, the stage background has collapsed, making it suddenly disappear four candidates.

“team distinctive”

the top of this list called “Renaissance”, is the former minister of european Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, and the environmentalist Pascal Canfin in the second position.

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Europe : Nathalie Loiseau calls for Europe to “take off” is a Journalist and candidate LREM to the european, Bernard Guetta intends to combine the European : who is Nathalie Loiseau, the likely head of a list LREM ?

Among the following include the director of the Maison de l’europe in Rennes, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne (Modem, n°3), the president of the Young Farmers (JA), Jeremy Decerle (n°4), and the sailor Catherine Chabaud (#5). “A team distinctive (sic) of the other”, concluded Stéphane Stayed.


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