The expert assessed the introduction of new combinations on the license plate

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

auto-lawyer Sergey Radko has commented on Moscow 24 the proposal to introduce car signs with a new three-digit codes of the regions. Thus, these numbers can begin with digits from 1 to 9.

According to him, these changes are necessary for regions where there is a shortage of license plates.

“the fact that in some regions, end valid combination of letters and numbers in the car number because in some regions a lot of cars, in others, on the contrary, a little. And where the digital capacity is not enough,” said Radko.

This story is typical for Moscow, for example, we remember that there were lots 77, 99, 177 and so on, simply banal lack of digital signs, so the authorities have to come up with some options to make the required number of plates.
Sergei Radioautogram

At the same time avtoyurist believes that regional codification cars are not needed.

“Before the code meant the region of registration of the owner, then allowed to put on record everywhere, began to issue with the regional code of vehicle registration, now again returned to the place of registration of the owner, but again, the information is pretty useless. In the presence of normal system check offer you can easily check who the car was assigned,” added Radko.

There is an opinion that if the car has a different region number, the police often slows down the machines, sometimes they are more likely to become a victim of criminals, because people from other region may not know where to turn for help.
Sergei Radioautogram

the interior Ministry had prepared a draft of the order in which the divisions of traffic police of the Russian Federation will be allowed to give out numbers with three-digit codes of the regions starting with digits 2-9. Still three digit code could begin only with the digits 1 or 7. This rule will change to increase the number of possible combinations of state registration plates (GRZ). For example, in the capital city license plate you can give ID 497, 677 or 999 in Saint-Petersburg – 878 278 or, in Tatarstan – 616, Omsk region – 555, in the Sverdlovsk region – 666 and so on.

for the First time with the lack of license plates in Moscow has faced in 1998, when I finished the 77-series and introduced the 99th. In 2002 appeared the code 97, and in 2005 – 177. In 2007 he also suggested adding another symbol, but the idea is not supported at the interior Ministry. In 2010-2012, the traffic police proposed to completely abandon rooms in the region, but the initiative in life and not implemented.

the Producers of the game think that change can lead to an increase in the production costs of the sign, as the thickness of the characters will need to increase. Also Gosznak may lose rigidity, which is not stipulated by GOST. But a senior source familiar with the development of the order, assured that in the code region to fit even the widest character – 444.

Earlier for Russian drivers agreed on the order of sale “beautiful” numbers. Drivers will be able to pay a fee and choose a “nice” number for your machine through the portal of public services. Regional authorities allow the use of an increased rate and set the rooms up for auction, but the fees have not yet installed.

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