The expert gave a forecast of the ruble in the near future

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Independent expert on personal investment Alena Lapitskaya said that the situation with the ruble remains negative, which is due to both the spread of coronavirus and the oil war between Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

However, Riyadh convened an emergency meeting of OPEC to agree on a new “fair” production cuts with Russia and other major producers, which is seen as a positive sign. The expert said that another positive factor is the daily selling Central Bank foreign currency in the amount of $ 200 million. She also gave a forecast for the exchange rate.

“If we analyze the currency pair “USD / RUB”, we can say the following: trading last Friday, April 3, ended at around 77,31 and movement down 83 has not ended. More likely, the downward trend to the level of 75.1. But then we, most likely, and will turn up”, – quotes the Lapitskaya

the OPEC Meeting in an expanded format with the participation of the United States to be held on 9 April in via videoconference. But now the excess supply is 20-25 million barrels per day. The planned volume reduction in only half of the values will not balance the drop in demand, said the chief analyst of “Broker” mark real.

April 6 to the dollar at the opening of trading of Masuri rose to 76,84 of the ruble. The Euro rose to 82.9 ruble.

the Central Bank has set the official exchange of currencies on Tuesday, April 7. The Euro fell to 82.63 of the ruble, the dollar fell to 76,40 ruble. The cost of the currency basket (0.55 dollars and 0.45 euros) decreased in comparison with an indicator of a working week, and Monday, at 2.12 ruble, making the ruble 79,20.

the Price of Brent crude oil fell more than 9 percent, the cost of raw materials now is 31.69 dollar per barrel. The cost of the futures on WTI fell by 10.39 per cent to 25.96 per barrel.

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