It will also consider complaints about the rising prices of ginger, lemons and garlic

Photo: DW/Matthias Merz/dpa

FAS receives complaints about the rising prices of ginger, lemons and garlic, reports TASS.

According to the head of the Department of agriculture FAS Anna Microcinema, mostly this trend is observed in the small shops and markets.

She added that, as of 1 April, in the large trading networks of Moscow and St. Petersburg lemons in average was less than 145 rubles per kilogram. At the same time, in other networks the cost ranged from 230 to 899 rubles per kilogram. Lemons in a network “the Magnet” in all districts of Russia on average are less than 130 rubles per kilogram.

According to the law, wholesale and retail prices of consumer goods are not subject to state regulation, except for the cases stipulated by the law on trade.

for Example, if within 30 consecutive days in the territory of the individual subject of the country the growth of retail prices for certain types of socially important food commodities will be 30% or more, the government may set maximum price levels for a period of not more than 90 calendar days.

the competition authority can intervene in pricing only in case if the data stores or networks occupy a dominant position in the market as well as in case of execution of participants of the market of anti-competitive agreements.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia to strengthen control of prices for socially important products. Special attention is paid to bread, cereals, meat, eggs, butter, some vegetables and fruits. Territorial administration will carry out daily monitoring of prices.

Continues a hotline to receive timely information about the facts of rise in prices for food products. Information about received applications will be weekly to the Central apparatus of the FAS of Russia for a direction to the government.

Vladimir Putin has urged the Prosecutor General to monitor the unjustified increase in prices for food, but to support the investment climate. The Ministry of industry and trade Yesl’s recommendation to retailers to stock products for 60 days, deficit on them, despite the increased demand.

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