The expert urged Russians to austerity due to the difficult situation in the world

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Head of the laboratory of comparative studies of socio-economic systems, Moscow state University, doctor of Economics Andrei Kolganov in an interview with Moscow 24 advised Russians to save money due to the difficult situation in the world.

the Expert believes that in connection with the economic and epidemiological situations it is better to abandon a significant financial expenditure and does not take credit if the person is not confident in their ability and does not have the financial reserves.

“I do not recommend, otherwise you may get entangled in debt. Then begin to take out a loan to pay off outstanding debts. In a debt loop to climb would not advise anyone,” said the economist.

Those who already have loans, Kolganov advises to use credit vacation.

“But you have to document the fact that you got into a difficult financial situation. Or is the documents proving that you have reduced income, or that you lost your job, the organization has temporarily stopped working”, – said the expert.

Kolganov said that it was better to postpone additional spending and postpone their savings.

will Have to resort to austerity measures. All expenses that are not vital to postpone. Need to cut costs.
Andrei Kolganov, head of laboratory for comparative studies of socio-economic systems, Moscow state University, doctor of economic Sciences

However, the economist noted that if a person has had free money, then the best option would be to pay credit debt ahead of schedule. According to Kolganova, it will reduce the credit burden and reduce the interest on future payments.

Earlier it was reported that from-for falling of incomes of Russians against the background of the economic crisis and the situation with coronavirus infection will be a sharp increase defaults on microloans.

In turn, the state Duma adopted the law on the provision of credit vacation citizens, including representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. During the vacation credit prohibits the accrual of penalties and interest, the claim for early performance of obligations and the treatment for recovery of the collateral. According to the law, vacation credit for up to six months can apply to individuals and individual entrepreneurs. On vacation can count especially those who have lost jobs or whose income has dropped by more than 30%.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic in Russia are introduced unprecedented measures to reduce the risks of its spread in the country.

Total worldwide, according to who, the number of people infected with coronavirus has already exceeded 750 thousand people, more than 36 thousand died. In Russia recorded 2777 cases in 75 regions. During the day, discharged on recovery 69 people, 45 of them in Moscow.

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