Information about the coronavirus was for the authorities worse than the disease

a Little more than ten years ago, in 2009, the world was a pandemic swine flu H1N1. It affected 214 countries. Ill less than two years, according to the who, more than 762 million. Died 284.500. Do you remember the total overlapping boundaries, raspaevanii citizens of the flats, walking the dog no further than 100 meters from the house, the termination of operation of enterprises, the closure of schools and shopping centres? The President’s address to the nation in the difficult times of testing, may be, remember? I don’t remember. Ill, started dying more than usual, he shook himself like a chicken, and then went. The world has not collapsed.

What changed? For ten years the people in power suddenly become humanists with a capital letter? Maybe in the power of now by others? We’re exactly the same. So what causes the power elite of all countries to ruin their economies, do not care about liberal values, to forget about the benefits and start saving people? After all, if turned into a soulless calculating machine, to think and to estimate, it turns out that the damage measures for the economy are much higher than from the death of a million or two people.

Changed, thanks to the explosive development of social networks, the formation of public opinion. Especially when there is something terrible and new type of coronavirus. No one is not appalling news “on Russian roads today, 46 people were killed” (the average as many died each day last year) — so, the background and white noise. But it’s worth a read — in Russia died, relatively, the fifth patient with a coronavirus — all, the Apocalypse is at the door. Almost every new patient immediately starts to blog, the disease ceases to be faceless. And then there’s the horrors from the decadent West on TV and “mommy” chat wrote that in the evening told to go to the window and lift up your head — from the satellite are all the temperature is measured. All this information kom is crashing on the unusual head, in the picture of the world arise, the walking dead and piles of corpses, army trucks based on suburban landfill. The public opinion is of momentalbut, without delay and tedious work of political strategists. Authorities to stay at the helm, Willy-nilly, to become a protector of the population. Otherwise, the integrity of the population itself will be lost instantly. But no demands, no one pushes, no rallies are not. It’s just obvious, like doves outside the window.

There is one more important for you time. Due to the coronavirus, we saw how, in fact, actually have to work the officials. Servants of the people. It turns out that they are quite capable of relatively honest to inform us about their activities, established critical rules of life, quickly build the country’s hospitals, to take really need laws to squeeze the oligarchs stole the country’s resources toward the needs of the country itself… Yes, in the end, just don’t be afraid to make decisions and take responsibility.

it would be Good, so all of the power, and would remain, when the plague will end.

But there are serious doubts that government (in all countries) does not use the situation to their advantage. So far, and it is on the surface tested methods of total control over the population: accommodation, travel, consumer behavior. Will they be applied after the coronavirus perish? Strange question, Yes?

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