The Federal court of justice (BGH) has strengthened the rights of living organ donors. If an organ donor informed about the possible health risks of a removal of organs is insufficient and the discussions were not documented, you can receive compensation, decided by the doctor and questions of liability, competent VI civil Senate of the BGH.

The judge gave the two donors right to suffer after kidney donation among health effects and damages and Pain and suffering due to a lack of education requested.

in Both cases from lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, negotiated before the higher regional court (OLG) of Hamm for the determination of the amount of damages. The higher regional court had found errors in the enlightenment – such as the Lack of a mandatory neutral-physician – rejected the claim of the donor.

the important thing is that potential organ donors should be informed of all the risks comprehensively, stated the Supreme court judges. “Because compliance with the requirements of the transplantation act is a prerequisite, if the willingness of the people to promote organ donation in the long term,” said the presiding judge.

638 renal 2018 after living donation transplant

discounted The law requires Doctors currently raising awareness about the possible consequences. It is provided, inter alia, that in the case of a consultation by a second physician must be in attendance. Coercion, psychological dependence, or financial incentives should not play a role – what is checked, a Commission in each individual case.

during his lifetime, a healthy person with good kidney function can donate a kidney. The remaining kidney compensates for the loss. Similarly, Transplant surgeons can remove part of the liver for Transplantation.

In Germany, the kidneys in the last year, according to the German organ transplantation Foundation (DSO), 638, and in 57 cases, parts of the liver commented after a living donor transplant. Organ donation during your lifetime is only among close Relatives, and each other personally closely connected to the people.

the end of a organ donation organ donation

before someone comes up as a donor question, you need to find two experienced Physicians independently the brain death. This occurs as soon as in the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem no more activity can be measured. Thus, the organs are not damaged, it must be ventilated to the donor or the donor’s artificial.

If it is clarified, that organs should be removed, it is examined the brain-dead donor on tumor diseases and infections. This is to ensure that the receiver of an organ is not compromised.

The data of the donor to the European exchange Euro to be sent plans of the TRANS. Here is wanted on the waiting lists for suitable recipients.

are Then taken from the deceased, the organs that he was willing to donate. The corpse is then prepared for viewing and can be buried.

The organs are cooled and Packed and get to their destination. You will be transported by ambulance or, in urgent cases, by plane.


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