The Federation Council was advised PACE not to meddle in his business

Photo credit: TASS/Mikhail Japaridze

Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Oleg Morozov said that PACE will not be able to influence amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

In his opinion, it “not their business”. Morozov explained that the Constitution authorized the taking bodies: the Constitutional Assembly or the state Duma and the Federation Council.

“No outside influence, of course, in this process we will not tolerate. And clearly, even if it is to Express an opinion, it is not more than just opinion, which you can listen, but not necessarily to execute it”, – quotes its news Agency “national news service”.

the MP drew attention that Russia does not refuse from international conventions and treaties.

“There’s only one edit, correct and long overdue: if we imagine that the decision of the international body, Treaty or Convention in which we participate, the decision of our constitutional court are deemed to be contrary to the norms of our Constitution, these rules do not automatically prevail,” he said.

the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has previously stated that following the amendments to the Constitution of Russia. There called upon to implement the decisions of the European court of human rights (ECHR).

on January 23, the state Duma in the first reading unanimously adopted the Russian President Vladimir Putin a bill to amend the Constitution. The second reading of the document, as stated by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, could be held on February 11. He also noted that to amend the Constitution ran no plans.

on January 27, the state Duma Committee on state construction and law 17 amendments to the document. The Central election Commission also prepares proposals for amendments.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the vote on the amendments to the Constitution is not a formality. He said that who is working on the order and timing. As explained by the representative of the Kremlin, need to vote not bylo, but he insisted the President.

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