The first fatal case of coronavirus recorded in Beijing

Photo: TASS/Zuma

the Beijing city Government has registered the first death from the coronavirus. This was announced by China Central television.

According to the channel, from pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, has died 50-year-old man, who visited in early January the Chinese city of Wuhan. As noted, January 15, the man felt unwell, his temperature rose.

on 21 January he appealed for help to the doctors, and on January 22 he confirmed the diagnosis. On Monday his condition worsened, he had a lack of lung function. Despite the efforts of doctors, the patient died.

According to the channel, at the moment the number of infections in Beijing has increased to 80 people.

an Outbreak of coronavirus began in Wuhan at the end of 2019. Cases of infection have also been detected in South Korea, USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, France, Australia, Canada and Nepal.

In China at the moment, a new type of pneumonia infected more than 2.7 thousand people. 81 people were killed. The state Committee of China reported that 52 cases of a patient successfully treated and discharged from medical facilities.

According to the who, experts do not exclude the possibility of transmission of coronavirus during the incubation period. Scientists from China found that the outbreak may be linked to wildlife trade at the local seafood market in Wuhan.

currently, Russia is the testing of new test systems for the detection of coronavirus. In addition, the CPS agreed to prepare physicians in Russia to the treatment of coronavirus and translate hospital antiepidemic mode.

Rospotrebnadzor instructed to carefully monitor the health of Chinese students.

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