The first seizure of a school in the Soviet Union: as the

Crime 09/03/20 udmurt.mediaПервый the seizure of the school in the Soviet Union: as the “alpha” group neutralized terrorists

December day in 1981, in the Udmurt town of Sarapul in the secondary school No. 12 was heard automatic gunfire. Two soldiers seized 10 class, demanded a plane to America.

Jeans and “Voice of America”

17 December 1981, about 13 hours in the building of secondary school № 12 went Akhmetzhan Kolpakov and Alexander Melnikov. Duty officer noticed the hands of the soldiers weapons, but did not stop the visitors. Young people in the form of the Soviet army was the usual eye of any resident of the district, as the unit was very close, and its inhabitants were seen there regularly. In addition, the soldiers told a military warehouse of ammunition has gone missing, and they’re looking for thieves.

at First, Kabakbaev and Melnikov planned to capture 10 “a” class, where, according to them, I learned the son of one of the leaders of it. However, the day high school students released early from classes, and the soldiers decided to stay in the biology classroom. At that point, there were pupils of 10 “In”.

Colleagues that called found each other. They both were dreaming about a beautiful life abroad, fashionable jeans and expensive cars. Kabakbaev to call using improvised devices regularly listened to “Voice of America”, as he openly told his hostages.

Passports for criminals

Kabakbaev Melnikov and knocked on the study of biology, told the teacher about the missing ammunition, and she asked me to wait until the end of the lesson. The soldiers sat in the hallway until the bell. When the teacher came to report a theft from the military unit to the Director, the criminals entered the classroom and locked the door. Kabakbaev shot into the ceiling and announced that 28 teenagers are now hostages. Their demands friends wrote on paper and sent with her one of the children.

Here are the rest of the students were evacuatedrecorded from the building, was set up operational headquarters and organized by the medical center. From Moscow there arrived employees of the state security Committee and the group “alpha”. Negotiator with the criminals was Vladimir Orekhov – employee Sarapul branch of the KGB. It was he who persuaded the soldiers to let go of all the girls and convinced the criminals that, for a successful life in the USA will need a passport, on production of which will take some time.

in the morning Nuts said Kabakbaev and Melnikov that their documents ready and they can safely release the remaining hostage boys. Surprisingly, the criminals agreed and freed the students. When they realized they made a mistake, it was too late. Now the path is for employees of division “alpha” was available on the wrists of ex-servicemen snapped the handcuffs.

Verdicts and awards

the Seizure of schoolchildren in Sarapul school was for many of its participants a real shock. Most law enforcement officers didn’t know how to act, simply because have never faced such situations. Eyewitnesses recall that that terrible day was a lot of unnecessary fuss in the corridors what was laid out fire hoses.

However, despite the lack of experience, the operation was carried out successfully, without shots and victims.

For the shown courage, Vladimir Orekhov was awarded the badge “Honorary fellow of state security”.

the Soviet court Akhmetzhan Kabakbaev was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, his accomplice Alexander Melnikov – to 8-mi.

Yulia Popova

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