The foreign Ministry responded to the court's decision in the Hague on the suit of Ukraine to the Russian Federation

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the decision of the Hague court at the suit of Kiev to Moscow on the basis of the Convention on the law of the sea. In depodesta stated that at present arbitration was limited to the consideration of objections of the Russian Federation on the presence of jurisdiction for consideration of the Ukrainian claims on the merits.

“the Russian Federation is satisfied that the decision takes into account our key argument for this claim is actually worth the attempt to prove a non-existent sovereignty of Ukraine over Crimea”, – quotes the message of diplomats RIA Novosti.

the Russian foreign Ministry said that the court needs to determine which country is coastal to the Crimea, and after that examine claims of Kiev. However, Maritime Tribunal has no right to determine the nationality of the land, said the Agency.

“it is crucial that referees have supported us unanimously,” – added there.

currently, the Russian side intends to analyze the findings of the Tribunal on other objections, in order to account for this response and Memorandum on the merits. Moscow needs to submit to the Hague Tribunal the relevant document prior to August 20, 2024.

In 2016, Ukraine has started arbitration proceedings against Russia under the UN Convention on the law of the sea 1982. Kiev claimed on minerals, oil and other resources extracted on the territory of the sea shelf around the Crimean Peninsula. Also, the Ukrainian side said that the construction of the Kerch bridge harms the aquatic environment.

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