The former head of the Chuvash Republic thanked the residents of the Republic for understanding and criticism


Ex-Governor of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev after his resignation addressed to the inhabitants of the region with thanks, reports “Interfax”.

“I Want to address with words of gratitude to all the beloved residents of the Chuvash Republic! For your understanding, for your participation and collaboration during all these years for the benefit of the native Republic, for your active civil position, for your suggestions and criticism,” said Ignatieff in his Instagram.

Earlier, Michael Ignatieff became participants of several scandals. So, in a ceremony in honor of the Day of press, he said that “it is necessary to kill” journalists who “from morning to evening criticizing” the government. The press service of the head of the Republic explained that the official therefore called for the disclosure of the customer information wars. The head of the region emphasized that he meant those people who call themselves journalists, but are solely for the purpose at discrediting the government.

23 Jan Ignatiev during the presentation of keys to new fire engines forced the emergency workers to jump for the keys, which the Governor raised high above his head. This behavior of Governor criticized emergency situations Minister Yevgeny Senichev. He stressed that the head of the region should not behave this way.

For violation of ethical standards, Michael Ignatieff, was expelled from the party “United Russia”. In addition, on January 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with loss of trust sent the head of the Chuvash Republic to resign. The acting Governor was Oleg Nikolaev.

it is also Reported that elections of the head of the Chuvash Republic is scheduled for September 13.

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