Angus Blair, a 53-year-old man from the Scottish Macmerry, has proven that he has a good heart. The newly minted grandfather had Deleted recently on the Internet Videos of the so-called “Pranks”, taste-free, seen the young homeless people played, had to sleep on the street. As this would be in the Winter is not hard and degrading enough.

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Blair also served this year, reported the local newspaper “Daily Record” that he had seen two Videos, one a messenger, the grey jokers to seed a man on the street hot fish soup and threw the plate to him then in the face. In another, a Boy jumped with full force into the tent of a homeless and destroyed it. Blair was disgusted by these scenes. “I thought: This is impossible! And then I suddenly I remembered the car.”

The Scot is a passionate Camper and in the summer with his family, in a modern caravan. Now in the Winter but the vehicle stands unused in his garden. Angus Blair posted a call out on Facebook He asked his friends and Acquaintances, whether someone is of a people without a roof over their head, knew the urgent need of a warm shelter.

The responses were overwhelming. Blair came in contact with the homeless man Jose. Jose is a painter and a sculptor, but after three months on the road, he got no Bank account, could not search for nch work, street painting and get it over with. “He is a really nice Boy and I couldn’t believe it when he saw the caravan,” says Angus. “He felt like in seventh heaven!”

And not just a warm, cozy home has Jose for the holidays. Angus’ wife Janice supplied him with plenty of food. And Angus don’t want Jose must always be homeless. He has launched a Crowdfunding campaign, with the help of the artists of his own small house should be able to achieve. He is hopeful: “Maybe the nice people have left me messages on Facebook like donations, Yes, and we can help Jose back on its feet!”

sources: “The Daily Record” / Facebook



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