The IMF said that the global economy has entered into recession


the managing Director of the International monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva said that the global economy has entered into recession, reports TASS.

She said that economic performance in the world at the moment, similar or worse than those observed during the recession caused by the financial crisis of 2008-2009. In addition, Georgieva suggested to pay attention to countries that have large external debt.

She stressed that at the moment considered the idea of using preventive credits. They will help to create defense mechanisms that will protect the national economy from the deepening of the crisis.

“We expect the recovery in 2024, a significant recovery, but only if we are able to cope with the virus around the world and to prevent liquidity problems,” said Georgieva.

on March 26, hosted the first virtual summit of the G20. On it the President of Russia Vladimir Putin stressed that the countries “the big twenty” it is necessary to develop a joint General plan for the recovery of the world economy. He expressed the opinion that the current crisis may cause more devastating consequences than the events of 2008-2009.

Russia’s Central Bank on March 27 approved additional measures to support the economy and the financial sector. In particular, the Bank has recommended to banks to restructure foreign currency loans to borrowers affected by the coronavirus. In addition, Putin proposed to give an extension on taxes for small and medium businesses.

According to who, the total number infected by the coronavirus on March 27, exceeded 460 thousand people. More than 21 thousand persons became victims of infection COVID-19. Leaders in the number of infected are the USA, China, Italy, Spain and Germany. In Russia recorded 1036 episodes of infection.

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