The judge said the need to give children a toy biathlon rifles in the gardens

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the Chairman of the municipal Advisory Council of parents in Depapre Lyudmila Myasnikova told Moscow 24 whether pupils of kindergartens to train biathlon and shooting from a child’s rifle. Earlier the proposal was made by the President of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) Vladimir Drachev.

According to her, the child in the kindergarten age absorb everything like a sponge, so it’s best to lay in this moment “something beautiful, good, eternal”.

“I believe that preschool education is now a lot of educational programs that are really useful and interesting to the child at this age. But such children usually even the meaning of the word biathlon is difficult to explain. To understand may or may not be engaged too early, so let’s focus on books and family traditions,” – said Myasnikov.

it seems to Me that the biathlon is not the most important thing and not the most important thing a child should see, to what to play in childhood. For example, without the book, he certainly can not live. And before kids, if fired, only with a slingshot.
Lyudmila Manicavasagar the municipal Advisory Council of parents in the education Department,

However, Myasnikova added that the children can practice biathlon, if these traditions exist in their family. This is especially true for inhabitants of Northern regions of the country.

“If the child has a desire or parents have the opportunity to go to shoot, nobody forbids. For example, if the parents decided to go skiing, then the child also goes skiing. Any sport should correspond to the place where the child lives”, – concluded the interlocutor of Moscow 24.

Earlier, the President of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) Vladimir Drachev offered in kindergartens to conduct classes in an interactive form with a toy biathlon rifles that shoot rubber bullets. According to him, prepolagaetsja to start “kindergarten of the presidential administration, and then spread to the regions”.

this school year, about 2.7 thousands of Moscow schoolchildren have chosen lessons in sports sections and fitness club instead of a gym class. Project “Lesson section” allows children to choose the format of the lesson of physical culture: they can engage in any sports clubs, school sports club and also go to training in the fitness center. During these classes the students also receive a rating, for this you need to bring help of sports companies.

the Most popular destination among high school students were playing sports – volleyball, basketball and football and others. Teenagers also chose individual fitness classes, swimming lessons, athletics, biathlon and rowing and gymnastics and figure skating.

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