The farewell would come. The Marion Bogumil knew. Finn had talked for weeks about nothing else. And in between, everything in garbage bags: his old clothes, books, posters and even stuffed animals stuffed. Practically his whole Childhood. And Marion and her husband Ulli had in all of this watch. Powerless. Until the day, as it was so far and Finn, Marion, on this forest road in Hamburg-Volksdorf, and hugged her, exactly 21 seconds. For 21, the was for Finn a magic number. Finn ran up to the edge of the forest, where he turned around again, spread his arms and exclaimed just two words: “equal To.”

Marion was desperate. But you knew you couldn’t stop Finn. Not the! For months, she and her husband had tried it. Had convened a family Council, his passport burned, the Airline called and claims that Finn is a danger and should not go on Board. Anything to stop him. Of this ridiculous idea. Had brought it nothing.


In this 10. October 2016, a Monday, went off on Finn. Walk. Without money, with only the small daypack, waterproof tarpaulin, the notebook, a couple of Shirts, underpants and socks. Finn’s Plan was to travel to the Amazon, to fast and to meditate. Finn wanted to be one of those he admired: a shaman.

But Finn’s failed search. The empty coconut told from the Caribbean, which today stands on a sideboard in the living room. The call reached Marion 13 months later, on the phone. The locals had found their son. Motionless and naked in a clearing in the jungle on the Caribbean island of Dominica. First of all, he lived still, his heart beat, but then he haven’t breathed. You’ve been able to save him.


In the jungle of the Caribbean island of Dominica Finn out of wood he built and Plan to a wooden crate. Here, he wanted to fast and meditate. And here he was at 9. November 2017 found, shortly before he died.


Even today, Marion come the tears, if you remember. “It makes me so mad sometimes, that he has not listened to us. That he just left us here behind,” she says. And Ulli, her husband, says: “Finn thought the world needed his help, he needed help.” The two sit at the dining table in her home in Hamburg-Volksdorf, with a lot of Green around it. A friendly Couple, polite and smart. You are a teacher, he’s an architect.

When Ulli and Marion talk about their son, they often say that there were two Finns. The Finn prior to his trip to South America, in the year 2013. And the Finn then. About the Finn before his parents say: “one maker”, “a conqueror”, a, “you had to never Worry about”.

About the Finn after that, you say: “He was often tense”, “had a purpose”, had “lost the ease of”, “acted weird”, and had “strange views” And: “How could he believe this nonsense? That you have to eat nothing and only light can eat?” This question does not go away. Especially because there is no answer. Even 16 months later.

mind over matter

Marion and Ulli are sitting in your living room and flip through photo albums, old diaries. Everything you have worked through in search of Clues to this word, you learned only after Finn’s death: light food. It is a word from the esoteric scene. The idea is that a human can survive without food and without Drink. Only with light and Meditation. It is not clear how many supporters of the idea. But there are around the world.

Ulli says: “Finn has fallen to this nonsense.” In front of him, a folder with the title: “About the movie ‘At the beginning of the light’ search report and the Dossier was”. The report consists of 23 pages, compiled by Ulli over many months. It is his attempt to explain the Inexplicable. Ulli wants to expose a scene that he knew up to Finn’s death. And for the this Film is part of the basic training. He deals with the “incredible fact” light food, “the greatest mystery of science”. 53 people come to the word, many of which tell of a life without food and fluid, hardly anyone draws attention to the dangers.


In the diary, the Finn’s parents found after his death, he wrote: “All the power is in me, light food, I don’t need to eat”


The film’s Director says his work is “an outdated mechanistic-materialistic view of the world”. He had no success with it. The Film was shown in dozens of cinemas and to the best broadcasting time on public television in Austria. Hundreds of thousands have seen him, maybe millions. Finn was one of them. And Finn believed what he saw. There is a letter, the Finn, his mother wrote, of one of his many trips. It says: “I believe in the light, food, the ability to live without physical food, healthier, better, and more energetic, according to the principle: ‘mind over matter’.”

For Ulli and Marion is clear, therefore, how their son died: “Finn is starved and died of thirst. He has fasted to death.” You are not the Only ones who believe that. Also, Finn’s brothers believe that, many of his friends and the people on the Caribbean island of Dominica, received the last goods, the Finn alive.

All of the remains only of this feeling. Bewilderment. Ironically, Finn, the adventurer, the school spokesman, holds a few years ago, the graduation speech in front of hundreds of people. The Finn, who does not want to study immediately. For the first time to see the world. For the first time in South America. Even if Ulli and Marion don’t like it. Easy way, and then also with the money of the grandpas, but that was actually intended for the training. But travel is also an education, says Finn, and laughs.

Cosmic power

He travels through Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Chile. Ten months later, Marion and Ulli pick him up from the airport. Along with a poster and many friends. With the friends he sits later at the camp fire and told of his adventures. Of overnight Stays in the Wilderness and baths in the ice-cold glacier rivers. Of how he met a tribe of Indians, as he has frog poison in the Arm. He also tells of the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca, which he has tried. As a cleansing Ritual. He calls you a Saint, way, Plant, show him the way. Self-Ulli and Marion, he told the. And all to always listen, fascinated, but also confused. Because somehow Finn is different, think the parents. Otherwise, think of the brothers. Less fun, less easy. In the weeks that followed, Finn hangs out often at home, makes little, smoke a lot. From time to time, he plays guitar, and he goes for a walk. What do Marion and Ulli say, but Finn tells rather of the Youtube Videos he looks at. Most of the time it comes to the esoteric. Enlightenment. And a broken consumer society, to overcome Finn. When he and his father argue, he puts him reassuring Hand on the leg.

“He looked at me always knowing, as if he were the Seer and we are the Blind,” says Ulli. This had made him furious. The Arrogance Of This. Also about Finn’s drug use, she had had a fight.

Finn begins to run only barefoot, to eat only raw food. In November 2015 he moved to Altona in a WG. He starts a Voluntary social year, he cancels later, and is otherwise a lot of on-the-go: especially on Rainbow Gatherings, Hippie Festivals, which take place in the whole of Europe. He lives modestly, from savings, his food he collects from containers. And more and more frequently, Finn visits the Celia, his landlady, a woman in her late forties, who lives as a Aussteigerin on a farm in the North sea. Finn calls his soul mate.


Finn in the yard of his well-Known Celia the fire wood saws. Here Finn first started to experiment with fasting.


“Finn was in search of. We could feel it. But he failed also. And he was not at all accustomed to,” says Marion. Ulli nods. He believes that Finn must, at some point in this time, as he moved to Celia on the farm, the light food movie watched. Because there, between the sheep and geese, begins to Finn, to tell experiment and Celia. According to a Rainbow Festival trying the 21-day program of the Australian Esoterikerin Ellen Greve, claims that for years without food. The program: seven days of no food and Drink, and seven days of no food and only drink diluted fruit juice; and, finally, no food, and less fruit juice diluted. At the end of the redemption.

Finn holds out for a couple of days afterwards but weak and pale, he staggers, trembles. Although he claims to be in a Trance, he’s fantastic, Celia the thing scary. She sends him home. But his parents, Finn told nothing of all this. He even eats fairly normal. But the topic will not let him. Back with Celia in the yard he tried it again. In February 2016, he writes in his journal: “Rarely has a theme and I have the information changed me in a short period of time as much as the light food.” He records the dreams he has during the fasting, writes a kind of poem: “All the power is not in me, light food, I need food, prana, magnetism, cosmic energy, I fall on knees and pray.” After that, his handwriting is illegible.

Not a Chance

Ulli and Marion is your son in this time is always strange. Not only lost, but also confused. The birthday of Ullis sister Finn is beside himself, is dancing, though he dances always, and chatted on the way home strangers. He speaks with a funny voice, talking nonsense, Marion, come the tears. After that, you and Ulli decide that something needs to happen. You persuade Finn to go to the University hospital, in the psychiatry. And Finn agrees, probably out of love for his parents. As the psychiatrist speaks to two weeks later, as Ulli says to remember, a psychosis, smiling at Finn. “Oh, what’s a psychosis,” he says and pulls back to Celia in the country, where he starts at least with an outpatient therapy.

“I had no idea how to deal with someone who is so mentally unstable. I thought he psychosis gets, because he’s on dope,” says Ulli. Angers him today, that he was so “insensitive”. The issue of not enough dealt with, as he believes today. Because at some point, a few months later, proclaimed Finn his Plan: South America. Healer.

Marion and Ulli say that you have to be in this Moment “back over”. The ultimate catastrophe. Therefore, Yes, all the crazy stuff: The family Council, the burned passport, call the Airline. At the end you talk to a therapist, even with Finn’s, wish to obtain a compulsory admission. However, the therapist shrugs. Finn was a grown-up, his mental problems are not so serious. No Chance.

starts After Finn has passed Marion on the edge of the forest, his great journey. He hitchhikes through France, through Spain, asleep under his tarp in the open, on Sofas of friends and Strangers. Two Russians take him in your sail boat to the Caribbean.

The parents rarely hear something from your son. If Ulli to Finn’s scared, and he did quite often, then he lies awake at night and see if Finn on Facebook was online. Sometimes he caught him there, writes a few lines, gets monosyllabic answers.

“The Nature Island”

But Finn seems to be stable. This is the most Important thing, think of Marion and Ulli. Only once, as Finn calls in a panic from the Antilles island of Martinique. He needed money, more than 300 Euro. He had damaged a boat hatch, and if he does not pay for the damage, call the captain of the police. Marion and Ulli don’t know what to do. Would Finn need to without your money really go to jail? And would that not be better for him, because he would come home after this? But he would speak with them? You are going to transfer him the money. A few months later, he boards a ferry to Dominica, to the last stop on his last trip.

Today, Marion and Ulli say: “Maybe it was a mistake to give him the money.” Of these Maybes there are many. Maybe it would never have come so far if Finn hadn’t seen this Film or if he would have stopped with the Weed, or in psychiatry would have remained. Maybe Finn would still be alive, if you were him, travelled afterwards. Nobody knows. But this is a question that you do not get out of your head, because you can race as often to the therapist. Just like the memories, as you sit back in front of the map of the world, and Finn’s Route in the header of descendants. As Marion is constantly updated with the weather report and Ulli sits every day in front of the cyclone App, to see where hurricanes are brewing together. It is the season. As every year, in the Caribbean: June to November.


Finn’s parents say that there were two Finn: The Finn before his big trip to South America and the Finn then

©Lukas Kreibig/star

Also on the island of Dominica. But Finn likes it. On Dominica, there are miles of untouched nature and above all peace. The Locals call their home: “The Nature Island”.

One of these Locals is der goat shepherd, Thomas. He leaves it up to Finn a small piece of Land in the valley of the jungle, when he sometimes. Finn stretched his Plane to get on with the work, moves fast, and talks about how important it is to him. 18. By September 2017, he gets a text message from Marion. “The hurricane is coming!”

On the same day, he knocks on the door of the wall leader Jillianne: “Can I hang my hammock, maybe out here?” “Are you crazy? This is a hurricane.” Jillianne gives Finn a room, and a few hours later, hurricane “Maria whips” on the island, tears up trees, destroys houses. 65 people die in this night, alone on the island of Dominica. Finn helps to eliminate the Chaos. Jillianne photographed him from the terrace, it is the last image, the Finn shows live. Short-shorn hair, flip-flops, looking down at the ground.

theory of light food

Finn climbs back down into the valley, and constructed from wood and corrugated together sheet metal, a little sleeping cabin, he directed. What he wants to do now, asks him Thomas. Finn replied, “fasting.” What happens in the next few days, no one knows.


Finn in the castanets play


But as Thomas Finn, the next Time, this 9. November 2017, is Finn’s consciousness. Thomas listened as Finn’s lungs, pumping a few times, oxygen in the circulatory system, as his heart beats a few more times. Then it is silent.

Finn Bogumil, son of Ulli and Marion, the Boy without fear, die in the jungle of Dominica. His body is dirty. The face looks towards the sky.

Ten days later, flying his parents to the island. You will learn about Jillianne and Thomas, know from the theory of light food. It is a term that was also in one of Finn’s old letters, but he was not noticed among all the other obscure things. As you are in Germany again, looking Ulli the movie “in The beginning the light was on”. He then writes to program Directors, to shipping companies and streaming platforms, writes of the danger that was in the Film, writes what happened with his son. Some people don’t take the Film from the range, others.


Finn, the adventurer, on his journey through South America in the year 2014. “I have to touch the fire first,” he once said, “so I know that it burns”.


Ulli writes to the Director of the film. “Please pull your Film out of the traffic. In order to save us, and possibly future Victims and their families much suffering.” The Director responds that the loss leidtue him.

“I just miss him so much.”

He stressed that the Film warn repeatedly and unequivocally against the dangers of the “light food process,” and similar experiments. Ulli he writes also: “they keep their materialistic Faith to the truth. It’s like in the Catholic Church a few Hundred years ago.” And: “the fact That our body is nourished, caloric, meanwhile, is even with the scientific method.” Eventually, Ulli is not responding. The dispute did him the world of good not to, he says. “I know, I know, that perhaps everything is nothing and that the filmmakers at least not a legal debt, but I just miss him so much.” Ullis eye wanders to the shelf, to the coconut, which you have taken from the place where Finn died. Then Ulli told that he is fasting now also started to. Not like Finn, of course, only the interval of fasting, but somehow, he felt Finn again. At least a little bit.

The story of Finn Bogumil researched Jonas Breng and Josef Saller from the star, as well as the free Journalist Hristio Boytchev and the NDR Reporter Christian Deker, the shot about Finn is also a Film for the program “Panorama – the Reporter”. You can find it in the NDR library or in the Youtube channel of STRG_F .


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