Whereas, since November 6, 15h35, the women are working “for free” until the end of the year if we take into account the wage gap with men, this testing adds a stone to the building of the injustices that they suffer.

Made by the women’s Foundation, in collaboration with the Observatory of discrimination from the Sorbonne, he examines the treatment of applications for positions that are male dominated – driver-deliveryman, mechanic, gardener. The results speak for themselves : a candidate has 22 % less likely that a candidate to be called back, a figure achieved élimant all through. Thomas and Julie, the false candidates, both had the same age, were both unmarried, lived not far from one another, had conducted the same studies and known similar professional experiences.

“Person rather than a woman”

Thomas and Julie sent each 173 HP for offers driver. It has received 38 positive answers (callback request or proposal for maintenance), it 25. The chances of the candidate are reduced by 35%. The table is less of a caricature for the positions of automotive mechanic (which is 18.5% less likely) and gardener (17.5 per cent).

These differences are all the more troubling that they are involved in the trades in voltage. As evidenced by the rate of positive responses (33%), all genders, to compare to that which is generally observed in the testings.

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aggravating Factor, “that does not show the results, but from our observations, it is that Julie was contacted often for two or three weeks after Thomas, so that his CV had been sent earlier, adds Mailys Vignoud, the Foundation for women. And when Thomas was revived several times by the employer, Julie received a call. Some employers prefer not to have anybody rather than a woman.”

remedies for various

How to act when one believes they are a victim ? Getting closer to the women’s Foundation, which aims to widen the legal proceedings alongside the victims. Léonore Bocquillon is a lawyer, in the service of the organization. It reminds us of the need to preserve evidence : “Print out the e-mails and text messages exchanged with the company, waiting for the next day of their dispatch to display a date and that it is not only inscribed ‘today’ at the top of the SMS. And if you receive voice messages, do the transcribing by a bailiff, it costs between 80 and 100 euros.”

In civil cases, shifting the burden of proof that it is possible to win against an employer if he fails to demonstrate his good faith against evidence suggesting the existence of discrimination. The criminal, on the other hand, such evidence must be irrefutable.

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It is also possible to appeal to the Defender of rights. It has investigative powers and, if it considers that there has been discrimination, it may recommend to the company to repair the prejudice suffered. This is what makes a woman denied a position as driver of jobs and whose case is in the process of being resolved. The employer, “in a sense of impunity remarkable,” says Léonore Bocquillon, he had left a telephone message in which he said explicitly that there was “no women in these positions in the company.”

Marlène Schiappa against the use of anonymous resumes

How to cope in a preventive manner, of these forms of discrimination ? “Other testings have demonstrated that a 32 year old woman with children has a 40% chance of being hired less than men of the same age, or that a woman without children between 24 and 30 years old, has 58% less likely to survive the sort of CV,” says Jean-François Amadieu, professor at Paris I, who heads the Observatory of discrimination.

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While Marlene Schiappa, secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men, said earlier this week that it was opposed to the anonymous CV, Jean-François Amadieu makes the case for abandoning the “CV the French way”, with a photo and mention of marital status. To have a chance to pass the first dam.


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