The media reported the beating of a group of young people for conversation in Russian in Poland

Photo: video screenshot

Young people from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were beaten in the Polish city of Torun. The reason I believe that they spoke the Russian language, reports Gazeta Wyborcza.

the incident happened on the night in the Central part of the city. Five people suffered.

One of them said that the attackers beat including the girl. One of my friends broke his head, however, serious consequences is not turned. The witness stated that the attackers shouted “Poland for the poles!”

He stressed that none of the surrounding people did not react. The young man is shocked. He explained that he was in Russia, Ukraine, China, and everywhere was treated with respect and could help. The victim admitted that there are such people everywhere. However, he was surprised that it happened in the center of the largest Polish cities.

the Incident was on surveillance cameras. Polish police are searching for suspects and asked to contact all possible witnesses.

In January, the Professor of the Jagiellonian University Anna Rasini told about the origins of hatred of Russia. She attributed this to the fact that in 2014, Warsaw supported the coup in Kiev and armed conflict in the Donbass.

the Researcher said that up to this point between the two countries had good relations. But after the Ukrainian coup the Polish patriots took the position of Russophobia and ukrainophilism. The expert pointed out that although between Moscow and Warsaw signed the agreement for the protection of places of memory, the Polish authorities demolished the monuments to the troops of the red army.

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